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Video | INTERNAL STRENGTH: 5 Paradigm Shifts for Personal Power & Refinement

How to stay motivated throughout the duration of a long-term goal, and remain emotionally-centered throughout the duration of a large-scale battle in life.

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Jewels (Quotations) for the Week | March 30th – April 5th, 2014

On power, personal discipline and human sympathy…enjoy:

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VIDEO | The Hidden Conspiracy Against Self-Discipline…

So in the same way a person can be biased in favor of a political idea, or a game in favor of a particular outcome, modern society is itself biased in favor of sloth and indulgence.

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THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE by Shifting (Psychologically) to Your Future SELF…

So don’t visualize the things you want, envision yourself as THE PERSON you want to become. Don’t be materialistic and think about all the consumer-gadgets or tangible goods you want to collect; be philosophic and consider the character you want to personify and embody…

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Jewels (Quotations) for the Week | March 23rd – 29th, 2014

Wayne Gretzky, Sherry Turkle, Dennis Kimbro and more combine is this archive to share thoughts on staying driven and focused, building meaningful relationships and creating long-term wealth. Enjoy >>

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Video | STOP SETTING GOALS…If You’d Rather Solve Problems

Want to save yourself YEARS of headache and frustration? Watch this video to find out more, now…