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The 11 Core Mental Patterns of Success: SPECIFIC Ways to Train Your Mind for More Progress, Productivity & Perpetual Accomplishment

7 October 2011 No Comment


Just realized the other day that I did a great post on the 11 mental patterns of failure, but never “flipped the script” and talked specifically about the mental patterns of SUCCESS in reverse. So let’s take a quick look…

11 Key Ways To Train Your Mind for Success:

(And just in case you’re wondering, NO, these are not simply the failure patterns inversed: that would be corny and unimaginative of me…although a good reinforcement. Enjoy the quick read and tell me your favorite pattern in the comment section below.)

1: Train your mind to have the self-image of a success, because someone who feels they already ARE what they’re aiming to be is destined to eventually get what they’re working towards. Condition yourself to believe you truly do have all the necessary components and qualities inside you.

african american chef2: Train your mind to focus on your purpose, because knowing “what’s in it for me,” is critical to staying inspired. Condition yourself to place your moment-to-moment concentration on WHY you’re doing what you’re doing (or why you’re here on Earth in the first place) and never lose sight of that.

3: Train your mind to visualize each successful step, because your subconscious mind constantly projects images, sounds and feelings onto your conscious one. Condition yourself to have a vivid, virtual reality of all the different SPECIFICS that success entails, because then it’ll feel more natural to take the right actions.

4: Train your mind to constantly focus on ALL the benefits of reaching your goal, because that’ll constantly renew your motivation over weeks, months and even decades. Condition yourself to keep all the different positive side-effects at the forefront of your mind.

NOTE: If this sounds similar to pattern #2 about knowing why, remember that 2 is about constantly thinking PURPOSE while 3 is about constantly thinking RESULTS. A purpose is usually personal or emotional (“For my child’s future…”); a result material or consequential (“The freedom of a passive income stream…”).

5: Train your mind to believe in your ability, because self-assurance creates courage. Condition yourself to believe you’ll do whatever it takes and your confidence will EXPLODE.

6: Train your mind to take appropriate action, because nothing works without follow-through. Condition yourself to believe that if there’s a job to do, a decision to be made or an obstacle to overcome, you’re the one to do it.

7: Train your mind to find joy in goal-related activities, because when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll want to do more of it and do it better. Condition yourself to always look for and always find what’s enjoyable about the decisions and tasks your goals require…it makes everything A LOT easier

8: Train your mind to look for and find lessons in both failures and successes, because the best in every field, in every sport and in every area of life learn more from their mistakes than anybody else does. Condition yourself to love learning everything necessary and you’ll develop mastery FAST.

9: Train your mind to see problems, mistakes, delays and setbacks as inevitable, because (newsflash) THEY ARE. Condition yourself to embrace the inevitable pitfalls of life and goal-setting WITHOUT fear and overreaction…shrink them down in your mind as small and manageable and plan for them ahead of time.

10: Train your mind to know and appreciate what you receive from success, because the most effective people alive have a way of squeezing out the maximum amount of joy from each moment, and this is DOUBLY true when it comes to their accomplishments.

Condition yourself to be aware of and deeply appreciative of every possible benefit and reward you get from working toward and achieving your particular aim.

11: Train your mind to feel proud of your efforts and accomplishments, because successful people have HIGH STANDARDS. Condition yourself to feel enormous joy, excitement and ecstasy with each victory no matter how small they may be.

So there you have it. Find out more about the automated program I use to train MY mind for success – Accelerated Success Conditioning Software – go here, and don’t forget you can also contact me for any questions, comments or suggestions using the contact form too.

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