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Shakespeare’s Thoughts on Willpower, Discipline & Personal Resolve…

“It’s foolish to presume our power of resolve is constant…sometimes we’re devils to ourselves, when we tempt the frailty of our powers by presuming on their changeful potency.” ~ Troilus in Shakespeare’s “Troilus & Cressida”

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Where Most Motivation Come From: The Hidden Aspects to Staying Focused

“Just as 75% of communication is non-verbal – just as most of what you communicate stems from your body language, tone of voice and the situation, or context, you say it within – rather than simply the words themselves, 75% of motivation is non-motivational as well: most of how motivated you are stems from your perspective towards life, your habitual behaviors and the people you associate with rather than simply what you do, or fail to do, in order to ‘motivate’ yourself.”

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How to Conquer Yourself BOOK Available on Amazon Now (Video)

“…and It’s specifically about how creative, intellectual types – artists, filmmakers, fellow writers like I, photographers, etc. – can best refine our behavior and discipline ourselves for success in our respective crafts. It’s a strategic guide to building the motivation and sustaining the willpower your goals necessitate and demand of you.”

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Thank you for your purchase of How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker.

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How to Reverse-Engineer Your Mind for Success

“Money is cheap. Liberty and freedom are the most expensive…” ~ Bill Cunningham (fashion photographer for the New York Times)