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3 Quick Tips to Get More Done, EVERYDAY…

11 July 2011 No Comment

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Productivity is my core strength…while I have a lot I need to work on personally (just like everybody else), when it comes to getting things done, managing time, structuring plans and ideas, staying focused and self-discipline, I’m your man.

So here’s a few tips with brief elaborations to help you become more of a focused, disciplined and productive person. They’re all small, technical things you can do accomplish more of the things that are really important to you over time…

1. Write it All Down

african american woman writingIn traditional goal-setting advice, they always suggest that you write your goals down, and the same thing applies to your daily plans. Treat an accomplished, productive day as a “goal” you want to accomplish in and of itself and strategize it out.

The idea here isn’t so much so that you don’t forget anything (or so that you have a plan to fall back on if things don’t work), but so that you can have mental clarity as you approach the day with.

Your brain isn’t naturally wired to remember things, so once you have a system (or a piece of paper) that you can trust to hold everything you need to recall, that frees up mental energy for those individual tasks.

I divide my life into subjects and then categorize each activity, but whatever you need to do, just get it out of your head to prevent “abstract distraction” (distraction on the mental level, which I’ll elaborate on later).

2. Plan it All the Night Before

…because that’ll give some subconscious boost power to the plan.

If I have something deep I need to work on the next day, I’ll always START IT the night before (like a rough draft or whatever) because that gives my mind another type of leverage over the work.

So plan things out the night before: not only will you have more creative ideas about how to do things better or more efficiently, but you’ll also save yourself the wasted energy of planning it out in the morning.

Instead of waking up and thinking “what do I have to do today?” you’ll wake up in attack mode. Do it…

3. Do ONE Thing A Day

african american womanEvery goal we set is composed of what I call “conscious tasks” and “unconscious tasks.”

What I mean by those terms is that every time you set out to do something, you only estimate about 50% of the tasks involved.

Every time you set out to do something, you’re only conscious of about HALF of everything that you need to do to finally get it done.

>> Sometimes you make mistakes,

>> Sometimes you forget that you need to meet certain requirements or get certain materials,

>> Sometimes you do something right only to find out that you did something ELSE wrong…sometimes you need to go back, or do other things nobody told you about, etc. etc.

So by focusing on one big goal a day (aside from small errands of course), you free your mind up from the anxiety of not doing enough because task A took twice as long (or more) then you intended to

Subdivide big blocks of time (such as an entire afternoon, a couple of days or even an entire week) to one particular goal, and allow yourself to not worry about other things until one thing is squared away.

Tomorrow I’ll cover three more good tips to be more of a productive, action-oriented and disciplined person who actually accomplishes things. Stay tuned…

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