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5 Books Every Productive Person NEEDS to Read…That AREN’T Actually About Productivity

24 October 2011 No Comment

As you’ve probably noticed, I love recommending scrolls (suggesting great reads), but – as you’ve ALSO probably noticed – I’ve been slacking on my game for a minute now…

I haven’t written an actual, unique book review in about 2 or 3 months now, so let’s get back into the flow by mixing it up a little: a list that’s ALL fiction, social critique or otherwise not really about productivity at all…books that don’t talk about getting focused, but cover ideas so “ingrediential” to it that every productive person NEEDS to them on their bookshelf.

Enjoy, and like always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment recommending some great reads yourself.

5 Non-Productivity Productivity Books

bookcover for jonathan livingston seagull(1) JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL by Richard Bach: the classic novella ( or “mini-novel”) about a talented, ambitious seagull learning to fly amongst mediocre, typical seagulls that can’t even envision a goal beyond finding their next pathetic meal…

“How much more there is now to living! Instead of our drab slogging forth and back to the fishing boats, there’s reason to life! We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can be free! We can learn to fly!”

This book parallels some of my work on being unique and living a life of metamorphosis, even when surrounded by those with no aspiration for anything greater. The fact that it’s a short read (as in less than an hour) makes it all the better, so click here for more…

bookcover for atlas shrugged by ayn rand(2) ATLAS SHRUGGED Ayn Rand: the well-known, best-selling novel about entrepreneurial genius learning to thrive despite a parasitic environment of governmental control…

“Hordes of savages have never been an obstacle to men who carry the banner of the mind.”

“Never feel guilt for that which you should feel glory: you are not a sacrificial animal. Refuse to be punished for the sin of your intelligence, or to perish at the alters of mindless brutes…”

This book parallels some of my writings on healthy selfishness, self-direction and internal power, because – slightly different from Bach’s work – Rand talks about sheltering your brilliance from exploitation. Check it out for more…

bookcover for empire of illusion(3)EMPIRE OF ILLUSION by Christopher Hedges: a non-fiction social critique that defines America AS a culture of deception. Hedges details the various parts of our world that slowly gear ALL OF US towards a collective, subtly agreed-upon form of delusion.

“We ask…to be fed lies. We demand lies. The skillfully manufactured images and slogans that flood the airwaves and infect our political discourse MASK REALITY, and we do not protest…”

“The worse reality becomes, the less we want to hear of it, and the more we distract ourselves with the squalid pseudo-events of celebrity break ups, gossip and trivia.”

This book parallels some of my writings on eliminating distraction, the extinction of intelligence and how to avoid the mediocrity that literally ENTRENCHES our “kindergarten society.” Read this book for an intricate understanding of just how devastating our world is. Click here for more…

bookcover for four arguments for the elimination of television(4) FOUR ARGUMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TELEVISION by Jerry Mander: another non-fiction social critique, this time focusing specifically on the advent of television and how it’s DESTROYED our ability to introspect and understand the world around us in any sort of real, organic way.

“Television offers neither rest nor stimulation…it inhibits your ability to think, but DOES NOT lead to freedom of mind, relaxation or renewal. It leads to a more exhausted mind: you may have time out from prior obsessive thought patterns, but that’s as far as television goes.”

This book parallels some of my old work on “Sovereign Thought” and how television destroys thinking, in that it explains how the advent of mass media marks the redefinition of existence itself (through the eyes of highly-paid corporate marketers). Today, virtually everything that almost everyone knows, thinks, feels and experiences has – at some point – been filtered by insatiable corporate agendas for “profitable” manipulation of the human psyche. Click here for more…

bookcover for building your mate's self-esteem(5) BUILDING YOUR MATE’S SELF-ESTEEM by Dennis & Barbara Rainey: the only traditional, “self-help” book on this list, which goes in-depth about how relationships are really platforms for both partners to build one another’s confidence and self-worth.

“Each of us need someone to tell us we value…we want to be accepted without mask, facade or veneer. We want to be loved APART from our performance, totally and completely.”

This book parallels to some of my posts on dating (WHAT DO WOMEN WANT???, Choose a Woman Who Chooses You, and that video on building healthy relationships) in that it talks about relationships from the standpoint of self-development and self-knowledge…click here for more.

Hopefully these books gave you some ideas. I guess the main theme is that productivity is part of a WHOLISTIC process: that other things you study (whether it be relationships, dating or even your political perspective) can help amplify your ability to get focused and stay driven over a longer period of time.


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