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5 Very Important (Mostly Not-So-Positive) Things About People & Human Nature…

28 July 2011 No Comment

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Here’s a few things I picked up from motivational speaker JP Maroney: not all originally him, but just where I heard it first. I’m sharing them with you because they resonated on a deep level…

NOTE: I’ll be on a radio station in Harlem reaaal early tomorrow (Friday, the 29th). It’s WCHR at the City College of New York, and I’ll be there from 6am-8am discussing Self-Discipline. It’s station number 90.3FM I think, and you can check out their website for more.

1.| People Instinctively Resist Change

man a protest with picket signPeople instinctively resist change with every fiber of their being: they simply don’t like to try new things.

I highlighted this in post like You’re Ahead of You’re Time and Keeping Self-Development Simple pt.2 , that trying to help OTHERS change as you’re changing yourself is an uphill battle that’ll most likely leave you with tons of lost effort and energy.

Remember, there are people in this world who’ve been running the same script in their lives for 40 years. Just because something makes sense or is obviously in a person’s best interest doesn’t mean that it’s enough to make them change their deeply ingrained habits of thought and behavior. (This is why advertisers and effective counselors appeal primarily to a person’s emotions instead.)

2.| The Law of Emotional Gravity

The law of emotional gravity states that 1 negative person can pull 5 positive people down, but 5 positive people CAN NOT pull one negative person up…

I talked about this in depth on this week’s earlier post, How to Transcend the Negative Thinkers That Are WEIGHING YOU DOWN, so check that out, but just keep this fundamental principle in mind, cause it speaks for itself.

3.| Whatever You Want People To Think

african american woman smiling in fieldWhatever you want people to think and feel about ANYTHING (including you), you must be thinking and feeling it first.

It amazes me how much we as humans look to other people for approval, leadership, and meaning. There’s a psychological phenomenon called “social proof” that explains ths.

Bottom line: people are LOOKING to be led and told what to do, but they’re also intuitive enough to detect whether or not the other person leading them is genuine or not. Keep this in mind…

4.| Looking At A Person’s Past Helps Predict Their Future

Look at a person’s past and it will help you to predict their future, unless they have a significant emotional event.

Again, people change and make serious subconscious shifts primarily off of emotion (especially traumatic events). This is why hiring managers need resumes and our society is so based on record keeping (credit scores, report cards, criminal records, finanical reports for businesses, etc.)

99.9% of the time, someone’s future is simply just an extension of their past. Unless something major happens that causes them to “wake up,” put your money on someone being the same exact person they’ve always been…

>> doing the same things,
>> having the same relationships,
>> using the same language,
>> thinking the same thoughts,

..or otherwise living their life on constant repeat. It’s just the sad truth.

5.| Watch What People DO, Not What They SAY

little girl using binocularsWatching what people DO, rather then listening to what they SAY will tell you what kind of person they are.

Don’t get too caught up in somebody’s words, promises, ideas or re-assurances, cause whenever we’re down and out, the only thing we have to save us ARE our words, so we tend to get really creative at that time.

BEHAVIOR is the ultimate barometer. In fact, it’s been said that “true learning = behavior change.” I’m not saying that you should be unnecessarily impatient with someone, just realistic.

Hope this helps (hope it gives you some ideas or motivation to do what you know you need to). I’ll be resting from the blog tomorrow, but in Monday’s post I’ll list some more, this time POSITIVE, things about human nature to help “keep hope alive.”


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