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5 Very Important (Mostly POSITIVE) Things About People & Human Nature…

1 August 2011 No Comment

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Continuing on from Friday’s post, here’s a few principles about people and human nature that are mostly positive (or at least neutral).

Most of the time when I touch on this subject, I’m negative: I’m usually talking about:

>> negative thinkers weighing you down,

>> never letting someone else abuse your friendship and

>> avoiding people who settle mediocrity.

But I’m learning that people aren’t all bad – especially in the context of leadership, group dynamics and so on, there’s a lot to be said about people leveraging their energy and efforts towards a collective good. Here’s 5 examples…

1.) When Two People Meet…

two business people meetingWhen two people meet, one of the first things their subconsciously searching for is who’s going to be in control…”

This is a big one, and it’s a very subtle occurrence, so it’s important to know, but difficult to sense if you don’t already see it happening all around you.

Human beings are social creatures, so we can’t help but operate with some type of unspoken power dynamic in place. We instinctively figure out who’s going to lead (and who’s already leading other people) as soon as we meet them simply so we know how to function.

Another aspect of this is that people are usually looking to be directed and told what to do. Keeping this in mind will help you take the leadership role when you need to.

2.)Whenever People Come Together…

Whenever people come together for a common cause (good or bad) that cause is usually achieved.

Simply put, people bound together make things happen. Something as simple as telling someone else your own personal goal (and asking them to check up on you about) makes it FAR more likely that you’ll follow through (if for nothing else but to maintain your social image).

So always be on the lookout for the right people to involve or inform about what you have going on (key word right people). When you have good, strong minds interested in a particular thing, it makes it more real…

3.) People Will Support…

african american couple playing by pool.People will help to support what they helped to create. We develop a vested interest in seeing something we built prosper and succeed…

Municipalities often name blocks after hometown heroes, and one of the reasons people are interested in my first book is because they’ve seen my growth online over the years…

So again, don’t hesitate to share the wealth. You never know how it may all turn out in your favor.

5.) People Organized…

People organized around a common mission, a common purpose and a common goal become an unstoppable force

This is an obvious one: take a look at social movements, sports fanaticism, religions and cult-behavior for examples. When people have a purpose or collective meaning to lash onto, they lose their rational thinking, never critique themselves and become adamant, relentless and unrestrained.

5.) People Want to Be Part…

sports fans in audience cheeringPeople WANT to be part of an organization that is moving forward, achieving goals and/or pursuing worthwhile causes

Think sports or charity drives. The main point here is that (1.) everybody wants to feel like a winner and (2.) everybody wants to feel like they’re doing good in the world, even if these feelings have to come vicariously thrugh another entity.

By working on your own goals, you provide a sense of meaning and direction to everyone who participates in it (even if they only give moral support).

6.) People Only Do Things…

Lastly, as a special bonus, people only do things to satisfy their own selfish motives.

If you want to get someone to take an action they wouldn’t take on their own accord, speak to them in terms of what THEY want, not what you want. (Frame the action or choice as being congruent with their own motivations, desires or ideals).

Of course, you can always ask for a favor here and there, but successful persuasion relies on understanding the other person, and speaking to them from their own perspective.

african american woman on phone

Just remember that you can’t convince somebody of something until you understand them. Click here for more advice on this…


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