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  1. Recommended Scrolls (FULL PLAYBACK & DOWNLOAD): Powerful Reads & Accelerated Learning Techniques...

    Peace @omalone1. Sure thing. Second session here:

    Also, catch a FULL archive of ALL radio sessions here:


  2. Q&A Session on Overcoming Comfort Zones, Social Anxiety, Differences Between Men and Women, etc., etc.

    Yeah tell me about it. I usually use a combination of plugins to protect myself (askmet, wordfence, etc.) but this is good ol’ WordPress just the same. It’s not perfect on my end either, but manageable at least. Best of luck…

  3. Videos


    Glad to hear that Queen. Take a look at any of my work in the Psychology or Motivational section for more advice.

    Also, I’m open to content suggestions: if you have a particular topic or issue you’d like me take on, just shoot me an email or message. Take care.

  4. PODCAST: Is Kanye a Coward??? (Re: RACISM | Conquer Yourself in the News)

    Thanks Dara…and yeah, this ticked me the heck off when I first heard it. I don’t like him connecting his own fears up to Black manhood, racism etc.

    Felt good to let off some steam, you know?

  5. Are You Too Smart For Your Own Good??? [New Video; NEW SONG]

    No doubt Queen. Glad to hear…keep the link.

  6. The CONSPIRACY Against Self-Discipline [Free Audio Podcast | 8:43]

    Peace @Reazon,

    Glad to hear it – this is a provocative subject in it’s own right, and deserves it’s own book, truly, if you think of it.

    I want to do a book/program called “Glitches of the Western World” which describes modern society as a sort of “Hyper-digitized, video game” with it’s own series of “bugs” which, unless we’re careful, can also cause our own MINDS to glitch, freeze or otherwise malfunction. Let me know your thoughts.

  7. CAN FEAR BE PRODUCTIVE??? (3 Things Every Driven, Fully-Engaged Person is Literally AFRAID Of...& Why YOU SHOULD BE TOO)

    No doubt! Glad to make the acquaintance. Keep in touch and let’s definitely build more soon…

  8. HEALTH-CONFIDENCE: The Secret, Psychological Component to Physical Wellbeing That NOBODY Seems to Talk About

    Most definitely! I’m always up for recipes, so keep the link Jean.

  9. The Three (3) Key Areas of Life You Need Willpower FOR...

    Thanks brother. I’m making the video version now, so stay tuned for that.


  10. A Lost Opportunity Is WORSE Than A Failure (Lessons in Courage, 101)

    Haha! No doubt man…hey keep me updated on your upcoming classes, events, etc.

  11. What to Do When People Offer You Their *Unqualified* OPINION...

    Thanks! That was my favorite part too (I like the idea of culminating up to the deep principle or fundamental truth that guides the technique). Hey check this out…just realized there’s a terrific “Aesop Fable” that makes the same point, but more in a short, funny analogy. Enjoy here:

  12. About the Author...

    THANK YOU Jean,

    Much success and luck to you…and if any thing I’ve been able to put together helps you succeed – as a fellow writer, fellow publisher, fellow conscious thinker, etc etc. – I am more than honored. Enjoy the book and let me know your thoughts.


  13. You Can't Be Productive Without Knowledge of Self: 3 Tips for a PROFOUND Sense of Direction & Purpose

    THANK YOU Camilla…trust me when I say this means a lot. Glad to hear from you, love the feedback and hope to speak more soon. Look forward to more great videos, blogs, etc. and keep up the great internal-work you’re doing.

    I spend my birthdays doing the same, by the way.

  14. How to STAY FOCUSED: A New Video Tutorial on Building Motivation

    No doubt man, glad you enjoyed it. My goal is to produce either a tutorial or a short build at least once a week, so look forward to more too (possibly even some outdoor shots, collaborations, etc.)

  15. Mental Fatigue, Stress & Attention Deficit: Their Societal Cause & Your Personal Cure...

    Actually Filip, no, I can’t. I have no recollection of where I originally even found the picture, let alone who drew it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help (I should of credited the artists initially), but take care.

  16. Black Intelligence pt. 9: THE FEAR OF SUCCESS in the African-American Community

    Peace Knawledge,

    Did you try the amazon link here?

  17. How to Develop Deep Level Self-Confidence (Explained in Plain Language)

    Hey Isabelle, great question…

    The closest, fully-explored and exhaustive analysis of self-ESTEEM (not confidence) I’ve come across is the work of Nathaniel Branden, the essence of which I covered in a radio show called The Dynamics of HIGH SELF-ESTEEM

    There, I described self-esteem as “your relationship with own process of perception,”: the degree to which you trust and honor what you experience, think and feel, as well as how this rather abstract “relationship” plays out in things like “confidence,” “self-talk,” “self-motivation,” etc. etc.

    But I feel you, “self-confidence” is a fairly ambiguous term thrown around thoughtlessly – like what you say when you run out of actual advice because it seems to apply to everything – and I don’t even have a scientific definition myself (and here I am publishing material on this stuff).

    The advice here, in other blog posts, the book referenced above, and the mental-conditioning programs I offer through this site is really the extent of what I know.

    I’m just not going to lie to you and pull some scientific mumbo-jumbo out my rear end when I simply don’t have one, you know?

    Hope this helps…


    Thanks Brian (coolest name I ever heard in my life, by the way). It’s actually going to be the GREEN, after all…with an earthy, light brown back-tone to it. After putting this out, a great super-design expert friend of mine agreed to help a little bit (I guess they like when you take initiative). I was thinking the green from jump too, but thought other’s opinions would be great. THANKS ;)

  19. Romantic Obsession IS NOT Love: An Excerpt from 'The 5 Love Languages' By Dr. Gary Chapman

    Yup, yup…the book is FIRE too. You can tell he knows A LOT more then just relationships, and he gives you a simple framework to develop your own personal relationships in life from henceforward.

    His book is one of the few that “teach fishing” if you catch my drift…

  20. NEW VIDEO || 5 Time-Management Tips MADE EASY (Just In Case You Forgot)

    Let me know what you think…I think I was a little too LONG-WINDED in the beginning, looking back at it now. I’ll be sure to get more “to the point” next time.

  21. CAN FEAR BE PRODUCTIVE??? (3 Things Every Driven, Fully-Engaged Person is Literally AFRAID Of...& Why YOU SHOULD BE TOO)

    Thanks to both of you, and yeah, that picture had me rolling too…originally, I had a pic there of a brother reading, but then stumbled on the meditation image while playing around with some old files and said, “hold up…this got to go in there.”

    Originally, I was also going to have a FOURTH fear, something along the lines of “the fear of missing out/being left behind” but it wasn’t coming together as well as I wanted it to, so I scraped that. Stay tuned for more blogging goodness…

    Take care and thanks again,

  22. Are You Hijacking Your Own Success By BEING ETHICAL???

    Thanks Queen…I just re-read it and learned a couple of things myself. We could go on until 2012 with this one subject alone.

  23. Why Most Self-Help ISN'T Helping (& Why You Need to CONSCIOUSLY Control How You Use Your Brain)

    Thanks Bro. Glad you liked it…we’ll link soon.

  24. Conquer Yourself, Lesson 11: Attaining Peak-Level Performance (How to Push Yourself to YOUR GREATEST)


    For instance, I measure how time and energy I spend working on different aspects of the site, and when I saw that blogging was taken up far too much of my time, I realized that I needed to stop doing it everyday.

    Once I saw the metrics, I knew I couldn’t keep it up long term, but there was a big dilemma: how do I “blog without blogging??? How do I keep such great content churning without taking away from the executive and marketing responsibilities???

    It took me a LOOOONG time to figure out, but with a little bit of inventiveness I finally had the idea to do all my blogging for the week over the week-end instead of daily. Normally I would draft a post at night and finalize it in the early morning (sneaking away during work hours if needed), but now I just bang those babies out in one session…like an assembly line or something.

    This also eliminates transition time: I no longer have to shift between blogging and networking, etc. etc., which is a big drag on efficiency, and I owe it all to the metrics


  25. Conquer Yourself, Lesson 8: 9 Keys for Effective Time-Management (Free Podcast Download)

    Glad you enjoyed it Queen…to be honest, there’s actually THIRTEEN planned installments for the series, so we’re barely half way there.

    Taking notes is a great idea, so stay tuned for more insights tomorrow…