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A Lost Opportunity Is WORSE Than A Failure (Lessons in Courage, 101)

24 October 2013 2 Comments

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“The cowardly run because of their fear; the brave fight to spite it.
The heroic make peace amidst their fear and watch it dissolve.”

~ Brian S Germain

A lost opportunity is WORSE than a failure. What I mean is that if you don’t take action because you’re afraid you’ll fail, the *net effect* – the practical consequences of that inactivity – is WORSE than what would of happened if you did take action and failed anyway…

>> If you write a book and nobody buys it,

>> If you try to go vegan and end up returning to a normal diet or

>> If you approach a pretty girl and she turns you down…

…obviously, you’ll walk away with wisdom and EXPERIENCE that lends itself well to future goals and future attempts.

If you don’t write the book, try the diet or approach (because you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, criticized or embarrassed) the only thing you’ll walk away with is a subtle sense of cowardice instead.

Action has a momentum in it that lends itself well to experience, confidence, wisdom and results. Likewise, INACTION also has a momentum in it that lends itself towards inexperience, poor self-esteem, ignorance, no results and an overall feeling of shame in life.

fishmonger washing bloodied hands

Again, an opportunity forgone is worse than a failure. When an opportunity presents itself, don’t think “What’s the use??? I’ll just end up broke,” “I’ll be back to chugging down bacon strips in a week,” or “she’ll probably go ‘Ewwww…get away from me. I don’t talk to guys who remind me of Steve Urkel from Family Matters.’”

If you DO happen to think like that, catch yourself, STOP and remember: the opportunities you take – even your worst blunders – lead to gained momentum, experience, wisdom and FUN, whereas the opportunities you forego – because you’re afraid of failure – actually lead to failure instead, as they subtract momentum, keep you ignorant, prohibit you from gaining results and facilitate a subtle sense of both cowardice and fear…

Be free of unwanted fear

In other words, don’t psychoanalyze fear: stop trying to eliminate fear theoretically from the top-down and instead, work on building confidence practically from the bottom UP; from the “Earth” of common, everyday opportunity skyward to the “Heavens” of your own mind and internal self-concept.


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  • Sepia Prince said:

    Courage — that’s my philosophy too. This is a great blog entry for the end of the “weak”. ;-)

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Haha! No doubt man…hey keep me updated on your upcoming classes, events, etc.

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