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A Philosophy for FREE THINKING: (How to ‘Escape the Matrix’ & Maintain Your Sense of Originality)

16 August 2011 One Comment

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Here’s a full excerpt from the first draft of my upcoming book…a section called “Knowledge Feeds Uniqueness,” from a chapter on self-confidence and being unique. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Knowledge Feeds Uniqueness

Knowledge is a burden until you transcend with it.

Knowledge can cause you to feel frustration, because if you know something and you fail to act up to that level of knowing, you KNOW that you caused your own suffering.

But knowledge can also cause you to feel Supreme, because if you know something and you DO act up to that level of knowing, you know that you can improve your life, and ‘bring it all within the domain of an exact science…’

So when you gain knowledge, what you experience as a result of that gain reflects your level of responsibility: If you’re responsible and self-disciplined, you’ll like knowledge, because it shows you how strong you can be, but if you’re irresponsible and lack discipline, you’ll dislike knowledge, because it shows you how miserable and weak you truly are.

Knowledge is power, and as we all know from Spiderman comic-books, with great power comes great responsibility…”

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Your biggest responsibility is to yourself. Your biggest responsibility in life is to be yourself and to actualize your potential in order to make a contribution to the world.

The biggest contribution you can make is a great one that nobody else can. The biggest gift you have to give is not only large in scale, but unique in composition…

Goal-Setting & Cultivating Originality

Now a major part of goal setting and achievement (doing what you need to do to make this contribution) is the acquisition of knowledge: attaining the facts, skills and expertise pertaining to your field.

This expertise you gain will develop who you are. It will refine you and make you more individualistic, and this individualistic nature will carry over into all other areas of life.

Business men tend to think in business ways, even in matters which have nothing to do with business at all. Carpenters tend to think in ways that build, both when at their work and elsewhere.

Every skill, trade and invention first began as a form of thought, and metaphysically speaking, a form of thought is embedded into every skill, trade and invention.

Thus, you can not endeavor into a field for very long without also picking up the consciousness invested into the origination of that field…

You can not use a device for very long without also beginning to think like the thoughts which invented that device.

The craft you have, as well as the tools you use to fulfill the requirements of that craft, will, in time, mold your consciousness to reflect their innate nature.

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But of course, you wish to be a free man, not someone retrofitted to the mental patterns of some machine.

The conflict arises because you’re not an inventor, and therefore, you can’t make your own tools. Even if you were an inventor, you would not see the logic in making new tools when you already have good tools at the ready.

I’m not suggesting here that you create new tools, but that you create new and interesting combinations of the tools that are already available to you. Instead of only using the tools that your craft generally uses, incorporate the tools, skills and mental approaches of various crafts into your own.

Do not confine your thinking of things to the way you are taught to think of them, and do not confine your doing of things to the way you are taught to do them.

Be an aikido master who incorporates concepts from Tai Chi, Jeet-Kune-Do, and ancient Japanese ninja. Be a chef who incorporates concepts from veganism, raw foodism, and the martial arts, or be a writer who incorporates concepts from information technology, internet marketing and Zen Buddhism.

Applying This in General

Apply this to the more general areas of life as well: Don’t eat in the same way other people are eating (including vegetarians and raw foodist), don’t listen to the same music other people are listening to, and constantly expose yourself to something new, alternative and advanced.

Refuse to follow the crowd: if you see everyone walking in one direction, purposely walk the other way.

Do not follow trends, refuse to join cults and in all cases avoid the mass psychology.

morpheus matrix cool imageTo escape the matrix, you must first learn to control it. As you manipulate elements within the overall informational field, you’ll start to create “glitches” in the various programs, and by observing and analyzing the glitches you create, you’ll slowly start to see how the underlying source code – which is invisible to you now – operates as well. Your first order of business is to BECOME AN ANAMOLY.

(Stop thinking of “escaping” the matrix, and concentrate on learning how to alter it instead. There’s more on this in the next chapter.)

This is why you must attain as much knowledge as you can: Knowledge, once you take responsibility for it, becomes a pool of data from which you can understand, construct and recombine reality – which is only a program – as you see fit.

Reality itself is an information system, or a function, and knowledge is the pool of data intentionally brought together to manage that functionality.

Through the acquisition and creative use of knowledge, make yourself and your lifestyle unique.


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  • Reggie Griffin said:

    Looking forward to reading the rest. Keep up the God work! Peace

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