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Advice On Staying Focused & Concentrating

7 June 2011 No Comment

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Focus and concentration are closely related, but they’re not exactly the same…

Think of focus like in photography, where a photographer adjusts his camera settings to “focus” on a particular object. You’re focused in life when you keep things in proper perspective and proper alignment (when you know what’s important and what’s not).

Think of concentration like in chemistry, where a solution is “concentrated” because it’s composed primarily of a particular substance. You’re concentrating when you’re completely absorbed in the task at hand…when you attain present-mindedness and enter a state of flow.

I know it sounds redundant, but I’m not trying to confuse you here. They’re literally two different concepts and I’m bringing them up so we can tackle them at the same time…

The “How-To”

african american couple using mapFocus by being clear and specific about what you want to accomplish, and by making the necessary adjustments in life in order to do so. For you to focus, you may have to:

>> end an un-supportive relationship,
>> move to a different part of the world,
>> quit a job or make a serious career change,
>> tell your close friends and family more about who you really are,

…etc. etc.

Concentrate by developing your attention, and by letting go of all forms of diversion, because “distraction and interruption rob us of more productivity then any other single factor.”

So if you have to write, sit yourself down at your computer, unplug your internet connection and force yourself to do nothing but type.

If you’re learning yoga, download some instructional videos from Youtube (use keepvid.com), schedule aside some time to practice and actually do it.

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The Basic Requirements (Science)

Focus pertains to your overall life; concentration to its constituent activities. Focus require courage and concentration requires discipline.

Your creative power becomes amplified as your mind power becomes devoted, and your mind power becomes devoted as your style of living becomes tailored towards a particular end…

Like any chemical substance, your power grows weaker as it’s diluted amongst multiple tasks and concerns. So by focusing SPECIFICALLY on one dimension of your life and by concentrating FULLY on the actions within that dimension as you do them, you’ll finally notice your “Higher Self” starting to flourish and unfold.

Wisdom from a Good Friend

I have a friend who owns a small African gift shop – she sells paintings, statues, masks, jewelry, incense, beauty products and more.

As I was shopping there one day, I told her about a lecture I had coming up soon, and apologized for telling her about it so late.

She said it was cool, and then explained that she couldn’t make it anyway because she was far too busy herself…

As she started breaking down all the different fashion shows and school plays she had to organize for and all the different responsibilities she had on the home front, a customer interrupted her and said:

“Look sister, you’re not bubble gum. You can only stretch so thin…”

More Wise Analogies

african american woman chewing gum and blowing bubbleThink of your goals and skills as plants which need the right amounts of nourishment, water and sunlight and attention to thrive.

Eventually, under the proper care, they’ll grow to become strong, healthy and beautiful illustrations of life that – according to feng shui – will add positive chi to the environment.

This is how your goals, skills and talents operate. Your opportunity for success prospers or decays depending on the amount (AND quality) of energy you exert towards them.

So begin to regard your goals as living things that depend on you for their cultivation, and they’ll begin to adorn your “living space” in return…

Remember, our goals don’t die because we lack opportunity, but because we lack the discipline to give them the attention they deserve. We fail in life not because “we didn’t have the resources,” but because we didn’t have the courage to make the sacrifices and decisions our goals require.

Great results come from intensity, and the more intense you are towards your endeavors, the stronger and sooner they’ll manifest.

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