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18 May 2010 7 Comments


A few weeks ago I put up a facebook status saying:

Five real men are greater then five-hundred children disguised in a man’s exterior…

Now we could go in A LOT of directions with this, but for the time, let’s take it to mean that you don’t need numbers behind you to make your movement stronger, and in many cases, having numbers can actually hinder you from making any real movements to begin with…

For instance, let’s say you were driving from New York to Atlanta, and that there were two main routes you could take:

(1) the main, commercial route with all the pit stops, stores and hotels, or
(2) the lesser known, country route with barely any rest areas at all.

Let’s also say that the commercial route was safer, but the country route waaaay shorter…

a portrait of a country highway

Now, hypothetically, if you were just traveling by yourself (or with just one of your homeboys), which route would you take? The country route, right? Obviously, since it’s quicker, you could probably speed through it and bang it out in the middle of the night…

However, if you were traveling with your wife and children, which route would you take then??? Obviously the commercial route this time (just in case something happens), because even though it’s longer, it’s more convenient and they’d probably feel more comfortable, right?

———— Symbolic Anecdotes ————

Here’s another anecdote to symbolize the other 1/2 of this point:

Twin Towers as symbolized on 20 dollar bill Back in college a few years ago, I remember some of my activist friends and I putting on a showing of some 9-11 “Truth Revealed” documentary…one of those joints that build on how the U.S. government was really behind the attacks in order to simplify the transition into a war economy, obtain oil and gain more population control.

Although I thought it was a good film, I was upset by the fact that WE WERE WATCHING IT IN 2007 – six years after the fact, when all of the necessary political moves were already in place and it was too late to do anything about it. (That’s like waiting until now to talk about Hurricane Katrina on a deeper level…5 years removed).

I also thought back to 2001 when someone close to me was reading a book called “9-11 in Plane Sight” (NOT the video documentary, but a book by the same title that I can’t seem to find anywhere now).

I remembered everyone being in too much of a hypnotized, robotic state from the shock of the attacks to even listen to him – being too paralyzed by fear to think critically at all. I’d watch him explain things to people, read them excerpts from the book and all that, but no matter what, his words would always go in one ear and out the other…I was the only person I ever saw pay him any mind.

Even further, not too long after showing that documentary, I remember trying to put my activist friends on to Moorish Sovereignty, UCC paperwork and the whole idea that the United States is a corporate entity (a fiction that exists only on paper) NOT an actual “nation.”

A great Moorish Flag image

Of course, everybody thought I was crazy, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if by this time next year the concept of “reclaiming your sovereign birthright” became mainstream and every one jumped on the bandwagon.

The only thing is that now the game is different: it’s much more difficult to “navigate” and “stand on your square” now than it was 10 or 15 years ago, because so many people have caught on. The Court Systems have made things more complicated in fear of losing too much money.

———— That’s Just How It Is ————

This is simply how the society is…so if you’re aiming at anything progressive or constructive in anyway, you just have to accept it.

If you’re trying to make a fundamental change in yourself psychologically or spiritually, just accept that most of the people in your circumference now aren’t on that level yet.

Black man with eyes closedIf you’re altering your outlook on things sociologically or politically, just accept that most of the cats you build with now (even if they are “conscious”) simply aren’t capable of dealing with that level of information.

All in all, if you’re trying to do ANYTHING unique, daring or life-altering, you can expect the people around you to think you’ve “lost your God-damn mind,” so start taking that as a sign that you’re headed in the right direction…

Generally speaking, this is a good thing anyway because more people tend to bring along with them more dead weight, making it difficult to take quick, focused action.

If you have it, free yourself from the mindset that you need to “start a movement” and instead, BECOME the movement in your own practice and person.

Take me for example: imagine me trying to convince other people that they should make blog posts, videos and other forms of online content to flood the internet airwaves with constructive intelligence WHILE WE STILL CAN…

Nas in Queensbridge Old School pictureI’d be wasting my time. It’s better I just do my own thing, “show and prove” and if others catch on (on their own accord), great. That means that they’re real soldiers, not just followers…

That’s also why I make post like “Free Internet Tools & Resources to Enhance Your Presence Online” – it presupposes and implies that you’d like to do this sort of thing, and helps out the portion of my readers who already are.

As an analogy, think of those old video games or cartoons where the hero is trapped in a maze, but every time he finds a way out, the evil overlord rushes to close that opening down so he couldn’t escape. (There’s a particular episode of that old Batman cartoon about this…he was up against the Mad Hatter or somebody).

a cool image of batman the dark knight

Similarly, the way I see it, life is a progressive series of mazes, the confines of which are established by the parameters and limitations of your own intellectual capacity.

Always trying to bring people along with you slows down your response time, and makes it almost impossible to capitalize on an opening while you still can. (If it were a video game, you’d never be able to reach the next level because player 2 keeps dying.)

P.Diddy counting cash finds one dollar billIf I had a dollar for every girlfriend, fellow soldier or otherwise open-minded person who didn’t have the courage (or really, the faith) to roll with me 107%, I’d probably be able to meet my rent this month with that revenue alone…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret a thing, but it just goes to validate the point: I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share your journey with anyone, just that you might be at a point right now where what you need is a new level of self-knowledge, not a set of followers.

After you’ve successfully made the transition, then you’ll be at a place to give back, because you’ve been there and you actually know what you’re talking about. (You’ll also meet new friends who are already at that greater stage and will be glad to have you join them.)

In that sense, sometimes you need to be selfish IN ORDER to be generous; you may be at a point right now where you need to do for yourself, BY yourself, in order to give back to others authentically.

Trust me, if you’re reading this, YOU’RE AHEAD OF YOUR TIME (I don’t care how old you are), so don’t expect others to understand the logistics to your personal mission. Just make it happen…


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  • Hubert Hintzen said:

    My sentiments exactly. You touched a nerve here. I am 76, and recently started my journey. Few people have heard of the Petro-dollar and all that is associated with its upkeep. I see recently the Gulf Oil-rig explosion.. But the journey one takes is for one and sometimes causes arguments even with your mate, when they (either cannot or will not) don’t see the reason for the things one does.

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Yeah Hubert…don’t even have the science on the intimate relationship thing (especially for the introspective, constantly-growing type of person). Still trying to crack that code myself.

    Glad you enjoyed the read though Elder…


  • Lewis said:

    Hey Bryan, lol – i’m ahead of time because I’m reading this post? No… just loled at it :P

    Great post though, we can share but we shouldn’t drag people along with us. It’s not really selfish, it’s just understanding that it’s not the right time for them yet. Plus they will (usually) go their own way and find out how they should live their lives :)

    lol… I’m one of those “conscious” people but cannot handle the socio-political information, if that’s what you mean by “cats”. It’s not like I don’t see the stuff, it’s just that I am not mentally strong and healthy enough to handle the information. I would just crumble and go like “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!” Yeah. But glad you shared.

  • Erin said:

    You know what. This might be the realest shit you ever wrote. I felt it on so many levels because I had this epiphany/ breakthrough a few weeks ago. Long gone are the days where I get upset b/c one of my “Brothers” or “sisters” is not aligned with the spiritual connection that we have to the Universe. I cannot even waste my time on ignorance…in its smallest form. Even the so-called “conscience” people are too trained to raise their vibrations beyond the facts of govt conspiracy. They think if they talking conspiracy that they tallkin about something when really, they aren’t talking about shyt! Excuse my language but you know how it goes…(smile). Anyway, last night I was meditating, drifting off b/c I can channel with hardly any thought, and as I stopped my journey, I said to myself “Damn, I’m really scared to be this free.” You know where I’m at with it b/c I told u sometimes I am afraid of the spiritual world. That sounds so crazy doesnt it but I do have to focus on SELF so I can get my mind out of its “locked-down” state! Sheesh…I could go on and on with you King but there isn’t even enough space on the whole world wide web. We’ll build soon…my life has been a movie and u stay on the grind so you know how it is. Either way, Peace & Love and as always…thank you for reminding me to DO THE KNOWLEDGE!
    ~Queen Afiyana

  • Erin said:

    And Yes…it’s confirmed that I’m ahead of my time…I’m a vessel for my Ancestors…the Lovely, Sacred, Beautiful, Knowledge-filled LOVE of the Ancestry from which we came. However, I’m content with that and I can’t stop building for anyone…85% are lost…and I wouldn’t even be afraid to say maybe 90% of us are mental slaves now. But yes, it just feels good to know that although I am alone…I’m not alone. WE come few and far between…..life must just be a silly dream :)

    Peace B.

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Hey I have a friend who says that the 5% have now become what’s really more like 1%…thanks for sharing Erin, and we’ll build soon…

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    @Lewis: Thanks ;) “Cats” just means people in general: “cats,” “heads,” “dudes,” etc.

    You raised a few points A LOT of people have been asking me, so I’m going to address them shortly here:

    Don’t be surprised…I know my readers pretty well, and one thing I’ve learned over the last 3 years of doing this website thing is that only a certain type of person actually reads an entire post like this all the way through…

    (Usually, people just see all the text and their mind goes “Oh God…work,” so they don’t really check it out…that’s why I put that at the end)

    Concerning the politics: I didn’t mean to suggest an argument for any particular case, I just used 9-11 & Moorish Sovereignty context as analogies to emphasize the overall point – that many of us are wasting our time trying to get other people on board for our own personally truths.

    That seems to be something you already know though ;)

    I truly believe that it’s a special type of person that’s interested in the stuff we talk about here on the blog, and I just wanted to remind them that the other people they’re around probably don’t have the frame of mind they do to understand where their viewpoints, they’re objectives or they themselves.


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