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BOOK EXCERPT: Why Self-Discipline is Like Dating (How to Conquer Yourself & Gain Self-Control)

19 February 2014 No Comment

Japanese Bi-Lingual comedian Kaori Takamura reading How to Conquer Yourself by Bryan Ogilvie

Here’s a quick excerpt from my book, How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker. To get two (2) full chapters – completely FREE – scroll down. To hear client feedback and testimonials thus far, click here and for personally-autographed copies, delivered extra-fast, use this paypal link.

How to Attain Discipline (pg. 34)

“Again, discipline, in the general sense, generally requires A discipline, in the specific sense, in order to sustain and exhibit itself through; a discipline you have a certain obsession, talent, honor and infatuation for. Here’s a more personal analogy…

In my life, my most rewarding relationships weren’t the ones where I dated the prettiest girl in school to gain popularity and validation, nor the relationships I pursued simply for sex to fill gaps in my self-esteem. My most rewarding relationships were the ones where I genuinely appreciated the girl for who she was a person: the ones I wanted for the nature of the woman herself, pursued from a state of respect and then built a connection, over time, based upon that.

Discipline works in a similar way: your most rewarding goals – the ones you’ll actually be disciplined enough to accomplish – won’t be the ones where you’ll achieve social status or validation through fame, nor the goals you purse simply for money because you’re in a desperate spot. Your most rewarding goals will be the ones you genuinely appreciate for the nature of what they entail: the ones you treat as an honorable craft to develop skill and finesse within, and then build proficiency, over time, based upon that.

So in this respect, real discipline begins as a desire for mastery. Technically speaking, discipline could then perhaps be defined AS master itself, making the words…

>> discipline

>> mastery

>> practice

>> training

>> expertise and

>> craftsmanship

…essentially synonymous with one another.

(later) Remember, progress is like a woman who respects herself: if all you want her for is her body, you’ll never obtain it, but if you want to dvelop the best relationship with her you possibly can – if she sees that genuine love driving you – her heart, mind and body become yours for the taking.” ~ pgs. 34-38 of How to Conquer Yourself


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