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More Powerful Reads to Step Your Knowledge-Game Up…

4 June 2010 No Comment


Harmonics: “Sleep” by Amanaska

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I noticed myself finishing up a couple of dope reads over the last few days, so I thought to take a second to share some of what I got planned for the future just in case you’d like to check them out soon yourself…

The Power of Sexual Surrender
(Marie N. Robinson, MD)

the power of sexual surrenderThis is actually part of a series of books I plan to read in order to help me build a body of work around the subjects relationships and sexuality.

While on one hand, you have things like relationship building and dating advice, I’m also thinking about doing a critique of feminist thought: how the general inclination of feminism (both as an ideology and as a cultural shift we’re told to embrace) has contributed to the decline of the family, female hostility towards men in general, and the effeminization of young males today (i.e: why real men are becoming extinct).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love women: I believe they should be free to do as they please, I have nothing but respect and awe for the feminine principle and I don’t ever plan on getting too political with the website, but I do have to keep it real with you and outline the faulty thinking and informational-programming I believe contributes to the relationship issues we’re having today.

Some other works I’m including in this series include the books Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture by Paul Nathanson, Complementarity by Mwalimu Baruti and Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism by Dapne Patai, as well as Phil Valentine’s powerful (albeit raunchy) video lecture Gendercide II

Vital Lies, Simple Truths:
The Psychology of Self-Deception

(Daniel Goleman)

vital lies simple truths by daniel golemanGoleman is most well known for his work on Emotional Intelligence, but some who’ve closely followed his work over the years considered this book to be even more groundbreaking. Here’s what it says on the back cover:

Vital Lies, Simple Truths is a penetrating analysis of the ways in which we DECEIVE OURSELVES. Goleman draws from evidence of all kinds — from brain function to social dynamics — to reveal how we skew our most intimate relationships, our day-to-day lives and our shared reality by burying painful insights and memories.

This self-deception is our means of psychic self-preservation: the currency of survival in which an entire society colludes (conspires). But although self-deception is sometimes benign (beneficial), it can also be dangerous and life-diminishing. This important book illuminates and raises challenging questions about a subject central to our psychological existence.”

Yeah, I know…and lastly we have:

Compassion & Self-Hate: An Alternative to Despair &
Breaking the Patterns of Depression

(Theodore I. Rubin, MD and Michael D. Yapko, PhD)

compassion and self hate by theodore rubinI don’t know how dope these are yet (just picked them up the other week from some book-exchange spot), but the titles turned me on…

These will help me go further in-depth with the concepts of self-love that we build on here so often. I believe that our society is suffering from a mild state of depression as a collective AS A WHOLE; we’re just capable of suppressing it either for social reasons or because the people we love depend on us.

Most people simply aren’t too happy about their lives, and so all of us could use some insight on how to regenerate that deep-level feeling of self-compassion…if not for our own personal use than for someone close


black woman reading(p.s.) some recent jewels I’ve finished that you might also want to check out: Norvell’s Dynamic Mental Laws for Successful Living (Norvell), When Food is Love: Exploring the Link Between Eating & Intimacy (Roth), Women Who Make the World Worse & How Their Radical Feminist Assualt is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military & Sports (O’Beirne) and Building Your Mate’s Self-Esteem (Rainey).

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