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Bryan On Beginning Entrepreneurship (“Is Money Evil?” etc.)

9 June 2011 No Comment

african american holding cash

In one of the consultations I gave last week, one of the main points being money and being “okay” with making money on your own (as in, asking someone to give you their hard-earned cash for your product or service).

It was insightful build (mad fun, actually), so here it is somewhat “transcribed” as best as I can recall…

“I’m Trying to Eat”

african american blinded by money“…you’re trying to eat off your talents and skills just like everybody else is. Bottom line, we live in a world where money is a necessity – it’s the medium of exchange (think about that), so a human being thinking money is evil in the 21st century is like a fish thinking water is evil in the Atlantic Ocean.

Unless you know of a way to live without money – that’s actually desirable…I’m all ears – that kind of thinking is insane

I did a blogging series called, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” (based off the book) that talks about that…and another great audio post called “Negative People SUCK…Energy Out of YOU” that got a real good response.

When Your Beliefs are Barricades

You have to stop thinking about beliefs as true or not true (because they’re all just beliefs) and start thinking of them as empowering or dis-empowering.

When you’re looking at a belief (such as “Money is inherently evil…”), always ask yourself, “Does this idea empower me to get where I want to go, or does it DIS-empower me and keep me stagnant in my situation,” and THEN you have to align yourself with peole who think more so along those lines…

Me personally, I look at money as a measurement of how effective you are – at how well you create actually value in the real world.

african american saving money

Like, you’re a pretty smart guy: you wouldn’t buy something unless you felt it was worth the money, so similarly, somebody else wouldn’t buy something FROM YOU unless they felt it was worth the money too…give people that same amount of credit.

In fact, you probably wouldn’t even charge somebody for something unless you also felt like what you were offering them was worth far more then the actual cash price, and they’ll pick that up.

Concluding Thoughts

Again, thinking money is evil is insane…it’s counter-productive: you want money so you can be self-sufficient and so you can create a better life for the people you care about, NOT so you can have some yacht in New Zealand or something…

In fact, there’s this good book you should check out called The Millionaire Next Door: Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, by Thomas Stanley, and what he talks about is how if most of us saw a typical millionaire, we wouldn’t even notice him.

Most millionaires are not flashy or materialistic, and in fact, they’re actually MORE frugal than the average person (which is a major reason they accumulate wealth).

The idea that millionaires are falshy, or that money is somehow a path TOWARDS materialism as a way of life is media conditioning, because most real millionaires are nothing like that at all.

The way I see it, money is power…a power that, once gained, exposes who you truly are. Who you become as you accumulate wealth is simply an expression who you already are at a level that poverty or bare sustenance can’t visibly display.


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