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An Inspiring Short Video & More on Navigating Through “Today’s Transcendence”

19 May 2010 One Comment


First up, here’s a really cute video of little girl doing her daily affirmations…if only we could all start our day like this:

But since I have a set of errands to run today (and A LOT of email to catch up on), I thought to take a quick second to introduce you to the “Categories” section you can find in the right sidebar.

I’ve been blogging seriously for a while now, so there’s a strong archive of great posts that you might of missed out on or just never got around to reading. Rather then just make another “recent Jewels Out the Archive” post however, I’m going to show you how to check for classics yourself. Check it:

Ascension (On the Upcoming Book):
Doing the Knowledge Ascending into Action by Bryan Ogilvie, an upcoming bookThis category contains all the posts that relate or contain content from my upcoming book, Doing the Knowledge: Ascending into Action. It’s coming out great and although I need a little more time then I thought to get everything together, I’ve been using the blog periodically to keep everyone updated on it’s progress. You can get a sample preview from it by clicking here.

A Legacy of Black Intelligence:
Moorish Child and Olmec StatueThis section was inspired by black history month: I started a series at the beginning of February and by the time we got to March (which was no time at all, really), I figured, “Why stop here?” A Legacy of Black Intelligence has posts building on African Holistic Health, current social activist work, some of today’s most influential black thinkers and more.

Conquer Yourself (Productivity, Self-Discipline, etc.):
conquer yourself for greater productivity and self-disciplineThis section began as a blogging series I did early March called Conquer Yourself: How to Enhance Your Productivity, Accomplish Greater Things, Attain Self-Discipline & Much, Much More. While the category contains every post from that series (13 entries AND an additional resources page), it also has any other blog post I’ve done that relates to the topic of personal effectiveness, self-motivation and more. Very powerful reads here.

Genesis (News & Orientation):
A cool rss iconThis is simply a category containing all the news, updates or any other post meant to orient new readers and keep the familiar faces updated (posts like this one, actually). There’s an about page, a page showing the best way to subsribe, “best-of” archives and a lot more…

Harmonics (Videos, Music, Rhyme Ciphers, etc.):
a cool microphone vector graphicThis category is dedicated to all the multimedia content…any time I post a new video, make a new mix-down or do a blog about music in any shape or form, it gets added here. Check it out to hear me and El Rasun in a rhyme cipher, watch a dope video-tribute I did for Yoda from Star Wars, learn about the type of music I listen to on a regular basis, and much more.

Lifestyles of the Calm & Focused:
black woman meditating with prayer beadsThis is a new one – a series of posts meant to help you enter and maintain a relaxed state of calm focus, mental clarity and overall wellbeing. Some of them include: Tips for Creating a Clutter-Free Environment, The Popular Myth of 8 Hour Sleep and another with guided audio meditations you can just listen to and follow along.

Recommended Scrolls (Book Reviews, etc.):
Recommended Reading book stack imageThis is one of my favorites…most likely because I’m a book-head like that who attributes most of his growth to his literary habit. Here’s where you’ll find posts with recommended reading or direct excerpts from whatever’s currently on my shelf. One of them even has a full audio interview of me being asked about some of my favorite books of all time. Check it out.

Transcend w/ the Classics:
reading in nature logo image Here’s a default category for anything that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, i.e. dope post like:

>> Lymphatic Massage, Health Superfoods & a Reality Check on the Delusion of Money
>> Some Thoughts on Depression
>> Student Loan B.S: YOU CAN DEAL WITH IT (Here’s How…)
>> Dual-Self Journaling: An Easy Writing Technique to Overcome Fears
>> Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Ensure Progress & Success in Your Life (Re-Edited)

(note: “Uncategorized” is simply an archive of ALL posts in reverse-chronological order.)

So go ahead and check one of these categories out, and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Hope this helps…


ps: Also, today is Malcolm X’s (El-Hajj Malik Shabazz’s) birthday (he was born in 1925). Acknowledgements to the brother and his lifetime of work…

Malcom X graphic design...

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  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Just fixed the “Share the Wealth” bookmark buttons as well…don’t hesitate to let a few of your friends know about a post you like…

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