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More Jewels on Conquering Yourself & The Architecture of Self-Discipline

8 June 2010 2 Comments

The first and greatest victory is to CONQUER YOURSELF; to be conquered by yourself is of all things the most shameful and vile…” ~ Plato


black architect making plansConquer Yourself” was the first successful, full-scale program I manifested, and that’s because conquering yourself is the foundation for all other things. Specifically, knowing how to be productive and actually accomplish goals in real life is a fundamental capacity upon which all other forms of growth depend.

While most people spend their entire lives learning business concepts, holistic health ideas, historical data, sociological information or whatever else they believe makes them “conscious” or successful, you can set yourself apart from the masses by understanding your own internal-limitations and systematically removing them so that your greater potential and higher ideals can shine forth.

I believe that your higher ideals represent a power that lies dormant within your psyche, and Conquer Yourself is about the tools you can use to make that dormant power a more predominant aspect of your experience… you’re conquering your (lower) self.

It may seem like I’m I’m talking about two different things here – (1) personal productivity and (2) self-cultivation – but they’re really intertwined results of the same work: they both happen naturally as a consequent of the same process.

Man putting sword in groundThis process however, IS composed of two different things: inner-exploration (a reworking of dis-empowering mental concepts) and attention management (the conscious and more scientific use of mental energy, i.e. concentration).

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying you need to attain a perfect level of self-mastery before you can accomplish anything (the terminology might give that impression), only that unless your own self-refinement is somewhere high up on your priority scale, you’re jeopardizing everything else you undertake.

I talked about this in depth in an old facebook note called What’s Wrong w/ Our Community??? (Give Your Opinion & Add on the Cipher), where I said:

There’s no magic to community development: things get better only when people take responsibility for MAKING them better, and only particular people are willing to take that responsibility.

Strom from the X-men comic series(Since you’re reading this,)…you’re probably one of those particulars, so I don’t have to remind you to be a driver (leader) because you already are one, but I do have to remind you to be on-point, because your ability to conquer yourself indicates your ability to contribute to the world.

No matter how great your ideas are or how well you can analyze a situation, if you can’t handle your own problems you won’t be able to help handle any communal problems either. Once you have yourself under control however, you’ll naturally become an asset to every community you’re a part of (family, friends, neighborhood, company, peer group, etc.): you’ll give off constructive energy and generate solutions by default of your existence…you’ll benefit others by your presence alone.”

(Read the note in full by clicking here here)

Now is “to be conquered by self the most shameful and vile,” thing of all like Plato said? I’m not so sure. We could go back and forth on that for hours, but the essential idea here still stands: WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU’RE AT IN YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SETS THE TONE FOR EVERY OTHER IMPORTANT FACTOR OF LIFE.

I’m a firm believer in this, and I know that even the worst problems and crises I’ve had in my own life (the things that “weren’t my fault”) stem from me not having the knowledge and wisdom needed to adapt myself to the situation, prevent the situation, or leave it entirely…

So it’s only natural that my first project be based solely on this concept, and I talk about it in-depth there: how it started with me trying to improve my own productivity (in order to take this site to the next level), how I dedicating myself to figuring out a formula for it and then sharing it with as many people as possible, and everything else I’ve learned in the process (there’s even a resource section where I share the best of the research material I used).

The full program is called “Conquer Yourself: How to Be More Productive, Accomplish Greater Things, Attain Self-Discipline & Access Your Internal-Strength,” and it’s a blogging series you can just read casually (and vibe out to some cool music while you’re at it too). Check it out here.



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  • roo said:

    Plato’s quote…. isnt he saying conquer yourself rather than let yourself conquer you?

  • Indivizual said:

    Plato is saying that you can either conquer yourself, which is the greatest victory, or you can allow yourself to conquer you, which the most shameful and vile. In essence, he is saying that each individual has two personalities….one good and one bad. The good and the bad are always at war, until the point where a person conquers himself and subdues the bad, or if the bad in the person overpowers the goodness inside.

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