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“We Procrastinate as Adults Because as Children, WE WERE TREATED AS SLAVES…”

16 June 2010 2 Comments


Just ran into this yesterday. His name is Stefan Molyneux, and trust me, he goes in (he’s kind of funny, too). You’ll find him mentioning some of the same points raised in Session 3 of Conquer Yourself. Watch this now:

IT’S NOT NATURAL TO PROCRASTINATE…procrastination is an artificial scar tissue that results from being controlled and bullied when you where a child (in school and in church); from not being consulted and not being treated with respect…procrastination is a slave’s passive-aggressive response to being ordered around.” ~ Stefen Molyneux

Stop back through tomorrow for more on attention deficit: specifically, the restorative, holistic power Nature has on our children’s development…


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  • shauna evans said:

    Has he ever had children? I totall disagree with this guy.

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Peace – I’m not sure if he has children or not, but his point wasn’t really about children, it was about human nature.

    His point was that human beings have an innate sense of freedom and self-direction, so whenever we’re forced to do something by somebody else, we tend to resent that and NOT do it (or do it poorly) as a way of exerting our independence.

    When we can’t say “no” directly (like children can’t) we find ways to say “no” indirectly – we procrastinate as if to say “you can’t make me do this, I’m doing it on my own terms.”

    I was recently a child myself, so I can relate …I also have a little-brother in high school who does this exactly and a sister-in-law who teaches kindergarden who’s explained the same thing.

    Did you watch the video in full? He also makes examples with:
    - husbands who don’t do housework,
    - employees that don’t comply and
    - young adults who don’t pay their bills on time.

    Remember, it’s not really about children, it’s about human nature: nobody likes to be dominated or bossed around, so when they are (but they can’t simply say “no” and decline) they procrastinate to express their independence (it’s a form of passive-aggresive behavior).

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