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Conquering Social Anxiety NOW!!!

20 October 2011 One Comment

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“You and I both know that social anxiety, with its emotional and physical symptoms that hit you like a runaway freight train, is one of the toughest challenges in the personal development field. But yet, I’m here to tell you this:

With what we know about the human brain and new thought and behavior modification techniques, social anxiety is NOT that “unstoppable force” in your life you may have resigned yourself to “managing” as best you can.

On the contrary, it’s time for you to break free from social anxiety completely and never look back.

>> Even if you’ve struggled with social anxiety for years or decades on end…

>> Even if you’ve had little luck with talk therapy, group therapy, medication or herbal relaxants, and…

>> Even if you feel utterly trapped in a life of near TOTAL avoidance and see no way out of it…

Conquering Social Anxiety Now! Can Help

The Conquering Social Anxiety Now! program can help you break the chains and show the world the true you: comfortable in your own skin, self-assured, engaging and more than able to hold your own in any social, scholastic or professional setting…

think right now conquering social anxiety now website

Imagine the ability to erase “stage fright,” doubt and insecurity with confidence, poise and personal power…Imagine sharing your true personality and talents…not being afraid to express your thoughts, ideas, sense of humor and opinions…and have people love you for it.

…and it’s all now at your fingertips!”

What you just read was from the TRN’s Conquering Social Anxiety Now!, a webpage I *personally recommend* if any of the above statements resonated with you.

To discover more about the program, read the 100′s of testimonials and success-stories and make social anxiety vanish like it was never even there, click here now.


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  • David Lett said:

    I like a lot of your blog and the work that you do. However, I really have a hard time with what you “recommend”. Not all of your recommendations have proven to be worthwhile, e.g. Dr. Laila Africa’s book on medicine: there are a slew of erroneous facts (look up the etymology of vitamin and look up Dr. Africa’s etymology) and pseudo-science. I think that it is important to have Afro-centric sciences, medicine/spirituality being one of them, but it is equally important that they be sound in logic and in factual basis.

    Another example would be Dr. Phil Valentine (where did he get his doctorate?). The man is full of pseudo-facts and erroneous logic. He makes some good points, but he also is far off the mark, e.g. quoted from one of his videos, “The lamp of God who takes away the sins of the world.”…uh…Phil, that’s “lamb”; not “lamp”. Moreover, Phil goes into a full five minute explanation of the word “lamp” to suit his chosen conclusion. He has a TON of misnomers and faulty logic. (Has he/have they ever submitted their work for peer review?)

    Be careful what you’re endorsing. Because every time you endorse something like that, you’re lowering your credibility and your reading/listening audience will doubt your ability to think critically and to correctly evaluate data.

    Keep up the good work, but look before you leap. To endorse pseudo-science and faulty reasoning is the equivalent of stating that dinosaurs became extinct 3,000 and lived along side of homo sapiens or some other rubbish or that Jews and non Aryans have a lesser intelligence than Aryans or that homosexuality is a disease. All of the above aren’t true, but when viewed in an historical context and palpable effects of such unsound principles, one has to shudder at the consequences of misinformation posing as fact and those who lend their name to it.

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