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Is the “Conscious Community” Really that Conscious Anymore??? (Knowledge as a Form of SELF-DECEPTION)

19 July 2010 4 Comments


Do The Knowledge is the name of this website…it’s originally a 5% (Nation of Gods & Earths) concept, where “do the knowledge” means to look, listen, observe and respect…

5% mathematicsFor the site though, I mean it in a slightly different way: I mean DO as in the verb meaning, “to take action.”

So here, “doing the knowledge” means living up to your standards, doing what you need to do to realize your potential and operating at “the perimeter of your circumference.” It means “stop acting in ways that are no longer appropriate for your current age and intellect level.”

(Ultimately, I’ve found that this boils down to techniques and approaches for personal productivity and psycho-emotional healing…)

———— Gaining Knowledge as a Form of Self-Deception ————

african mask with black backgroundI started this because I saw people using knowledge as a mask to cover up deeper level, personal issues (I was here for a long period of time myself).

I noticed a tendency for people – particularly in the conscious community – to learn a lot of interesting things but to use it as a facade… as a way of appearing to have self-esteem, personal progress and overall togetherness all while avoiding their real life problems.

I noticed people using knowledge in the same way many use television, sex, or drugs: to escape the reality of their situation.

It’s simply another form of self-deception: some of us are deceiving ourselves by thinking that if we learn enough metaphysical knowledge, conspiracy theories, or ancient-cultural, impressive sounding concepts that we’ll somehow

black person hiding1) allieviate deeper level self-image issues,
2) resolve or be able to ignore actual problems,
3) not take responsibility for what’s happening in our lives because society’s jacked up…

———— The Bottom Line ————

- We need to learn to process our emotions better,
- We need to learn to communicate with one another better,
- We need to learn to set and achieve goals (sucessfully), and so on…

…because without these fundamental life skills, we’re jeopardizing whatever movement we stand for.

It’s self-evident: if you suffer from low self-worth, a lack of self-confidence or deeper level emotional turmoil of any sort, YOU’RE PUTTING ALL OF YOUR MAJOR LIFE GOALS IN DANGER.

black potter working on clay ceramic artYou owe it to the people who count on you, to the people you can help and touch with your work and most importantly to YOURSELF to clear up the internal debris that’s barricading you from your full potential.

That’s why I put a facebook status saying, “If you’re knowledge isn’t solution-oriented, then it’s probably just fanciful and of no real value of at all. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME.

And that’s why (at this particular point in time) I help my readers to enhance their personal productivity, discipline themselves, train their ability to focus, cultivate their intelligence, improve their self-confidence, etc. etc.

potter working on clay ceramics

See the “more science” section for more…



  • Kazi said:

    Excellent! A true light shining in the conscious darkness.

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Thanks Kazi…this is definitely my most well received blog post EVER actually.

  • Robert said:

    I absolutely agree!

    I remember this blog post everytime I think of logging on to social networks and how I’ll spend my time on there.

    I really like that you wrote this because t shines light on the fact that nothing is new under the sun. I’m striving come out of this stage myself.

    It’s like the accumalation of these facts and knowledge, personally, I’de use it to build confidence, to make it seem like I was being productive with my time and to somewhat respect myself. But at the back of my mind, I knew there were things I needed to face. Decisions to make, action to take.

    Makes me question the purpose of others in the same position. I mean, I had a purpose when I originally set up some profiles, but then it got lost when I sought out other like-minded individuals online, to build with in my local environment offline. I lost focus and began wasting a lot of time online doing much of nothing.

    Great that you brought this to the forefront. It helps to realize once you’re doing it, and it becomes easier to stop the cycle.


  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    @Rob: are you on the e-mail newsletter???

    I’ll be posting something that builds more on this EXACTLY…

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