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Contemplate Your Future, Deal with Your Fears & Change Your Behavior

3 November 2014 2 Comments

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“A man has to live with himself, and he should
see to it that he always has good company.”

~ Charles Evan Hughes

Ironically, if you talk to a man about his future, he’ll often consider what you’re saying as though it applied to somebody else, rather than he himself.

Specifically, people tend to calculate the long-term effects of their decision-making as if the consequences will fall on an entirely different person; i.e: “Well, I won’t have to worry about that until…” or “Oh, I know I’ll have more money by then, so…” etc. So if you can begin to catch yourself doing this – and if you can begin to, instead, think of your future as something you’ll eventually inherit (rather than something to be dealt with later) – you’ll slowly grow from responding to it with fear and anxiety to responding to it with more disciplined, results-oriented behavior.

I’m not saying this to scare you; but if you don’t give adequate thought to the future you’re creating, the future that’ll end up coming to you inadvertently won’t entail anything pleasant to exist within.

Again, either think about it now, conceptually (and deal with the fear), or end up living inside of it later, physically (and be forced to deal with the actual results).

Fear is a Great Motivator

In case you haven’t realized by now, fear is a great motivator: it’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world, but it gets people to act and make the serious changes they otherwise wouldn’t.

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So forget all the mystical, “law of attraction” crap you’ve been hearing about, and learn to leverage fear against yourself by giving detailed, resourceful and consistent consideration to who it is that you’re becoming, what it is that you’re doing and where “the path” you’re currently on is leading you towards, otherwise you’ll end up confined to an existence that doesn’t reflect who it is that you truly are or what is that you truly wanted to do.

Don’t get a guy wrong: there’s no time like the present. But then again, guess what: “the future” is simply a bunch of “the presents” all combined together and postponed just a little bit further into the future (get it?). “Your future” is going to end up being your present indefinitely henceforth.

So the choice is yours: contemplate your future, deal with your fears and change your behavior, or, as they say, throw your life “to the birds.” Remember:

“A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company…”


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  • ab said:

    Bryan this cool. I brought your book last year. I also downloaded your youtube videos to my mp3 player and listen to them 1 a week. Thanks Andre.

  • Omni said:

    I love this making “conscious” choices idk about the law of attraction being crap lol but this is a very solid & well put writing

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