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Trouble w/ INFORMATION OVERLOAD??? Here’s What to Do When Knowledge Has You ‘Fiend Out’

21 November 2011 No Comment

KNOWLEDGE IS CRACK…I don’t care what anybody says, there’s no high like the high from a great new insight that revolutionizes your thinking, and that’s why my friends and I are ALWAYS in search of our next hit.

It’s one of the few positive addictions that are actually healthy, but like anything else, it can turn UN-healthy if you don’t discipline the crave. If you’re not careful, the process of learning can turn into the superficial performance of learning-related tasks, and – even worse – living in today’s hyper-communicative, digitized world makes this all to easy.

So learning to learn in a sensible way is a CHALLENGING enterprise, but a PRICELESS SKILL. Since we now live in an information economy (no longer an industrial one), the ability to learn, adapt and distill actionable plans from hordes of oncoming information is slowly becoming the new currency.

So let’s cover 4 techniques for dealing with information overload, because before you can truly “conquer” information, you need to feel liberated from it. Each tip will link to a specific post that’ll go more in depth. …

4 Techniques for Handling Information-Overload

1: Show “Intellectual Discipline”: Set up specific (as in numerical) guidelines for action and hold yourself to it. Say “at the end of each chapter, I’m going to try 3 techniques and measure the feedback.” For more on this approach, view my more in-depth article from back in March.

2: Delete Bookmarks, Emails, etc, etc.: and also give away some of your books. If you’ve been collecting material for a long time, that’s a good sign that you’ve probably GROWN PAST some of your historic interest, so getting rid of stuff helps alleviate the burden of feeling you obligated to finish so much. Click here for more on managing email.

3: Set aside a “knowledge” time: for me, I have a dedicated reading time first thing when I wake up in the morning, and first thing when I get off work. Not only does this get me inspired and keep me feeling on-point, it also chips away at my reading pile QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY (because it’s a habit). See here for more on morning routines.

4: Try Accelerated Reading & Mind-Mapping: In my old-school radio show “Recommended Scrolls: Great Read for Overcoming Compulsive Eating, Building Concentration & More”, I shared some specific reading techniques to digest information FASTER, as well as specific note-taking techniques to RETAIN MORE. The first is called “Accelerated Reading” and the second “Mind-Mapping”. Click the respective links for more, and click here to enjoy that classic radio session.

So again, if you’d like to get a better hand on your reading, start by setting specific, reasonable metrics to gauge how much you’re actually getting from it, relieve yourself of all the unnecessary reading you’ve grown past, set aside a dedicated times to do this DAILY, and use advanced methods to speed up the process and get the most out of it.

Thanks again for checking this out. Hope it all helps.


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