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Some Thoughts on Depression…

1 February 2010 9 Comments


I came across a lot of great material the other day while doing some research on emotional healing: articles and videos that made me reflect on some conversations I’ve had recently and my own personal bout with depression around 4 years ago.

One of the blogs I found said:

Last week another child gone due to suicide. When will we stop being
so busy with our lives, so busy working to obtain things, so busy driving
our children away before another one will die. Parents that have lost
a child to suicide will tell you that none of those things mean anything now
that their child is gone
, and while I haven’t lost a child
to suicide I have lost a husband to suicide.

Watching my son grow up without his father and knowing that the day would
come when I would have to tell him what happened has been a journey I wouldn’t
wish on anyone. In no way can I fathom what a parent feels when they get that
dreaded news, but I hope that many of us will say enough is enough
and start doing something to help our children

The whole blog really touched me, so I posted a comment saying:

Hey this is a great post Sheri, and I agree with you completely: we
often just condemn people because of their actions or their situation
(‘Why doesn’t he get his act together?,’ ‘Why does she always ’spaz
out’ like that???’) and we never think to actually consider
what motivates that behavior

So many people are going through pain on a deep level
and feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to about it. This is
great what you’re doing Sheri…thank you.


Now I’m no psychotherapist of course, but if I knew someone going through a serious challenge with life right now, this is what I would say:

“The first thing I want to say is that I honor you… I honor the place you’re at and your effort to hold on. I’ve been there myself and I know what it feels like.

The main idea I want to get across is that even though it doesn’t feel like it, you’re the one calling the shots: you can either work on being happy and learn what that’s like or you can work on being depressed and continue to be where you’ve been.It’s work either way, and you have the power to make that choice…

My personal recommendation for you is the book The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart by Marcia Powers, and a website called “The Depression Project.” There are many good sources of information out there and there are many people doing positive things… I don’t want to throw a bunch of links and books at you, but I think if you really start looking for answers you’ll be on your way.

For me, and I’m not a doctor or anything like that, my depression lifted when I stopped eating meat and removed sugars, dairy and processed foods from diet, and replaced that with a variety of raw, live fruits. Today, whenever I slip back into my old tendencies and have too many sweets or dairy products I notice depressive thoughts and moods start to come back, and I think there’s a connection there.”

Also, for me, what really helps when I have any issue in life are remembering these two simple truths:

1) There is a solution to (insert problem)…even though I don’t know it yet – and I might not even know anyone who knows it yet – there IS a solution, and

2) I can find it.

Just thinking like that always helps me out a lot…


The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart, “A Powerful Story About Finding Happiness & Serenity…Even When You Really, REALLY, Wish Some Things Were Different” by Marcia Powers:

Sometimes things happen we wish hadn’t. Sometimes things don’t happen we wish would…In the course of living, problems arise, both big and small. We might wish our past had been different or that we could be different. We struggle through disappointments and frustrations, losses and other painful experiences.

As hard as we may try to be strong, to have a good attitude, not to let things get us down, we don’t always succeed. We get upset. We worry. We feel stressed. We get depressed. We get angry. We do the best we can and wait for things to get better so we can feel better. In the meantime, our hearts may grow heavy . . . perhaps very heavy.

That’s what happened to Duke the Dragon Slayer. In fact, his heart grew so heavy with all that was wrong, with all that was not the way it should be, with all that was unfair, that he became desperate to lighten it—and set forth on the Path of Serenity to find out how…”


Think Right Now International (the most visited personal development product site on earth): “If depression makes each day a struggle for you, learn about the program that is now helping over 10,000 people end their depression safely, naturally and easily


“The vision of The Depression Project is to be the global hub for the prevention and recovery of the causes of depression…the mission is to liberate the world from depression, one person at a time, by focusing on what works.

We are forming a network of people applying compassionate,
transparent and effective action…” (note: this was where I found the blog
mentioned earlier. Here’s one of their videos:)



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