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Don’t Be Afraid to Expose Yourself: How Friendship & Bonding Make You More Productive & Remove Inner-Blocks

15 November 2011 No Comment

YOU NEED GOOD FRIENDS TO BE PRODUCTIVE, not because of they can “hook you up” with massive networks or valuable resources, but because they’ll *force* you to take a good look at yourself whenever you’re slacking…

Remember, being productive isn’t simply managing time, building concentration or anything else practical and obvious (that’s just the technical part). At a deeper level, productivity is about “leveling up” like an RPG (ask your resident geekazoid…he’ll know what I’m talking about). It’s about examining your entire life’s framework and seeing where your head is at…seeing those subtle, “subconscious confinements” most people are too shook to acknowledge.

Seriously: things like low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, fear of the unknown and fear of being exposed CREATE FRICTION inside the prospectively productive-person’s system (hope that makes sense) and having this friction is a lot like looking into a broken mirror in that can literally DESTROY your ability to “reflect.”

In other words, inner-conflict is tricky because the thought process you use to get a hold of it is actually at the root of the problem. Therefore, the conundrum requires said prospectively-productive person to BORROW a good friend’s thought process as a means to help examine, neutralize and re-modify their own (really hoping this all makes sense).

Just think about the last great book you read: what were you doing except BORROWING somebody else’s thought process, temporarily? Anytime you read nonfiction, you’re borrowing somebody else’s thought process, and anytime you read fiction, you’re borrowing somebody else’s imagination. Think about that for a second.

So if this resonates with you – if you’re going through a rough patch in life right now and can’t seem figure out why you’re in “prospective” status – remember the basics: you need somebody else’s viewpoint to be objective and move forward in a rational way. (Duh, silly.)

There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

This is just me “getting deep” to explain commons sense, but it amazes me to see so many brilliant, talented and knowledgeable people literally SCARED to open up about their fears and concerns, as though not feeling 100% driven and motivated *all the time* was something to be ashamed of, or as though having a real problem you need help figuring out makes you uncool.

If it helps, know that I MYSELF wasn’t feeling too motivated just last week. I don’t mean to get controversial here, but trying to “not” lose focus is like taking an HIV-test: ANYTHING CAN SET IT OFF…bad eating, family problems, girlfriend problems, sleeping problems, a damaging, ridiculing comment…literally ANYTHING.

Okay, so I take the HIV comment back (don’t want no beef), but my point is that being focused is a fragile thing, it’s so delicate that even your own thoughts can undermine it, so you need other “thought-mirrors” to bounce off of and make sure you don’t look jacked up. (This is also why I’m honored that you trust me enough to teach you this sort of thing…it’s really difficult, both to do and to explain.)

picture of couple at bed

So don’t be afraid to expose yourself: eleven times out of ten, whatever you’re going through is something your friend went through themselves or knows somebody else going through RIGHT NOW, so they’ll empathize and won’t be judgmental.

(I even went to a suicide-prevention class one time and guess what…IT WAS PACKED. Point is: everybody’s going through drama and confusion – it’s called life. You’d be surprised what people have been through if you just take the initiative to reveal a little yourself.)

Remember that sharing a weakness actually opens the bridge and deepens the connection. Friendship and bonding help make you more productive and remove inner blocks, but they also help to strengthen your alliances as well.

So again, if you have trouble staying focused and being productive, it may be because you have some inner-conflict about your goals and AREN’T sharing those inner-conflicts with a more reasoned, experienced or objective thought process.

Don’t get too caught up meditating and reading self-development books, because one of the best ways to get over your *ish is the old-school way: BY TALKING ABOUT IT…

Even if you can’t think of anyone to open up to, you can contact me. Toll free too: 1-800-B-R-Y-A-N (it’s supposed to be 10 numbers though, right?).

Hope this helps…and if it doesn’t, ughhh…well…damn. Tough cookies. Glad I’m not you…


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