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Don’t Underestimate Yourself, and NEVER Downplay Your Skills, Talents & Intelligence

11 August 2011 No Comment

Don’t underestimate yourself, and never downplay the value of your skills, talents and intelligence…

Don’t think that because something is near obvious to you that it won’t be BEYOND revolutionary for someone else…don’t think that because your current skills aren’t enough to surpass your current challenges that they’re not MORE THAN enough to help somebody else surpass theirs.

Not reaching your own targets (on your own personal scale) does NOT equate to being incapable of helping somebody else reach theirs.

Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so your self-evident concepts may very well be another man’s “profound jewels of wisdom.” Remember that there will always be people who appreciate what you’re capable of, even when you don’t yourself.

Mental Strength Parallels Physical Fitness

Your mental strength parallels your physical fitness in that whenever you look through the mirror of self-reflection, you’ll always notice imperfection FIRST.

You’ll always notice eyebrows that are too thin, arms that are too flabby, legs that are too skinny or toes that are too fat BEFORE you take stock of your strong points.

But just because you don’t like everything you have on you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out into the world, dress your best and carry yourself as confident as you can be, and it definitely doesn’t you won’t capture other people’s attention.

man checking out young woman

I’ve always had this problem with my writing (especially as I’m coming closer to finishing the book): believe it or not, very little of what I put on the blog or elsewhere is what I’d consider ideal, magnetic or powerful prose…

Self-consciousness is always a part of the process, but as you stick to it and learn to produce anyhow, it humbles you to the depth and intricacy of your craft.

“Not feeling that brilliant” is episode one to truly honing your skills: it’s the first step to noticing all of the nuances and particular demands that your discipline requires.

You can’t master something until you get your own ego out of the way, so not feeling that nice is a transitional phase that leads to the humility and respect that your field deserves, before you can join its ranks. (Think of it as nature’s way of weeding out those who lack dedication.)

Push through and surpass this phase by knowing that no matter how behind you are, there’s someone who will appreciate what you have to share, so don’t underestimate yourself, and never downplay your talents, skills and intelligence.


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