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Mysterious Author from Antique Book Collection Drops SCIENCE on Courage-Building, Fearlessness & Bravery…

4 August 2011 No Comment

african american child

Here’s something cool: an unsourced article called “Character Building & Courage” from an online antique store, Old&Sold.com.

The author focuses on children and child-rearing, but I think the principles are generally enough to apply to ANYONE. Check it out…

Character Building – Courage

ALL parents want their boys to be courageous, and would like to see them heroes, yet often train them away from these ideals, or allow others to do so…

Such a mistake may easily begin in the cradle. (For instance) No child would ever be afraid of the dark, which gradually approaches each evening, any more than of the sunbeams that dissipate it at dawn, did not somebody fill its little head with stories of hobgoblins hiding among the shadows.

If, in spite of precautions, such needless fears get into the child’s mind, do your best to convince it that they are unreal (i.e: convince YOURSELF that your own fears are unreal); that the bedroom is as safe by night as by day; and gently cultivate stoutness of heart. No quality is more essential to happiness.

The Cause of Constant Misery

european child scaredA timid child (person) is in constant misery: It imagines unreal terrors in each new experience, and magnifies difficulties. It is ever on the lookout for harm, and thinks of its own weakness instead of that of the foe. So it shrinks from effort for fear of getting hurt…

A courageous nature, on the other hand, dares joyously to put forth its whole powers, undaunted by rivalry. It does not retreat at the first rebuff, nor the second, but struggles on. It withstands oppression, and resists pressure upon its rights. Sometimes courage appears as physical bravery, as when a boy risks injury in order to do something that greatly needs doing, or when he defends his rights or honor, or a weaker companion, with his fists.

Fighting among boys is surely not to be encouraged; yet when your son comes home with a black eye and sore knuckles, inquire carefully into the cause of the fight and his feeling about it before you condemn him….

Sometimes a fight may even be worthwhile as disclosing to a timid boy the undeveloped manliness which he really possesses. A brave nature is a gentle one, but gentleness may, under bad management, degenerates into weakness and cowardice, and cowardice is usually at the bottom of meanness.

The Highest Courage

group of women and childrenThe highest courage, nevertheless, is that which is able to put aside a temptation to fight merely to show bravery, or for some other poor reason; which will enable a boy or girl to smile at a taunt that everybody knows is undeserved; and which, on the other hand, will enable a boy or girl, a man or woman, to champion an approved idea or person, however unpopular with others, and stand fast to the end of the chapter.

Physical courage is a good thing, but moral courage is above it. It is your privilege to teach your child to have both…” ~ fin

To check out more pieces like this (about friendship, responsibility, etc.) click here.


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