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17 January 2011 2 Comments

Another “old-school resurrection…”

old school wisdom revived for today

We are what we frequently do. Excellence then, is not a gift, but a habit…” ~ Aristotle


Here's another old-school ressurrectionConscious willpower and direction over your own habits is a powerful skill, because if you can create your habits from the inside-out, you can learn to create ANY RESULT YOU WANT…better relationships, more success with your personal goals, a healthier, more lively physical body or just about anything else.

It’s simple: first you learn “the habits of highly successful people,” then you incorporate them into your own life.

However, most people mess this formula up because they focus strictly on physical habits and forget about the mental ones….they try to replicate someone else’s behavior without understanding that person’s mindset FIRST.

———— The Basic Principle ————

Your mental habits take primacy over your physical habits (as in, they govern them and create them; you need to get your mind right first IN ORDER to get the behaviors you want), but they’re established in the same way work on the same basic principle: repetition

Here’s something from my upcoming book to explain:

“If you’re in the habit of thinking limiting and discouraging thoughts, then you have to get into the habit of thinking supportive and EN-couraging thoughts, and you gain this habit the same way you gain any other: repetition. For instance:

>> At the start of a new year, when you write down the date, you accidentally write down last year’s number because of repetition,

>> When you check your email online, you type out your username and password without even thinking about it because of repetition, and

>> When you stop using an alarm clock in the morning, you’re behind usually gets up at the same time anyway because of repetition

black woman waking up in bed

So to be positive, motivated and proactive in your life, you have to condition yourself, through repetition, to automatically think thoughts conducive to positivity, motivation and effectiveness. To free yourself of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, you have to condition yourself, through repetition, to automatically think thoughts conducive to faith, happiness and high self-esteem. So on and so forth…”

I then go further in-depth about affirmations and other techniques, but what I need you to keep in mind here is that WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU THINK ARE HABITUAL TENDENCIES; nothing more…

Your thoughts and actions (even the most jacked-up ones) are not predetermined by or fundamental to who you are as a human being: you have the power to change yourself and your circumstances, but you can’t take hold of that power until you view yourself and your mind as a malleable instrument that YOU control.

black computer programmerYou already know that your mind is a computer, but you have to start seeing yourself as the computer-programmer. This level of awareness implies that you have the capacity to change. For instance…

More tomorrow… for details on how this “mental-habit” strategy works, and a dope set of simple tools that I use to virtually automate the process, see the post How to Relax Your Way to Greater Achievement (& Donate to DoTheKnowledge.com @ the Same Time…).


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    This is a test comment to see the new look…

  • SheThrives! said:

    Stumbled upon this article while researching productivity among early morning risers. I love the concept of having a habit mentality as I have read Covey’s book several times.

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