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How to Be a ‘Fly’ Person: Early Writings on Building Self-Confidence, part 3 (On Positive Self-Talk & Knowing Your Spiritual Nature)

17 November 2011 No Comment

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Here’s part 3 (the finale) of how to be a “fly” person: some of my earliest writings on self-confidence I thought worthy of reposting now. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already, and – if you prefer – enjoy some of my more modern work on self-confidence too.

The 3rd Step for Self-Confidence

The third and last step is to realize that thinking is a habit…to realize that you have the same thoughts over and over again not because they’re valid or accurate, but simply because you’re in the habit of thinking them.

If you’re in the habit of thinking limiting and discouraging thoughts, then you have to get INTO the habit of thinking supportive and encouraging thoughts, and you can gain this habit in the same way you gain any other…repetition.

Think about it:

picture of asian female executive thinking>> At the start of a new year, when you write down the date, you accidentally write down last year’s number because of repetition.

>> When you check your email online, you type out your username and password without even having to think about it because of repetition, and

>> When you stop using an alarm clock, you get your behind up at the same time anyway because of repetition.

So to be positive, motivated and proactive in your life, you have to condition yourself, through repetition, to think thoughts that are conducive to positivity, motivation and effectiveness.

To free yourself of anxiety depression and low self-esteem, you have to condition yourself, through repetition, to automatically think thoughts conducive to faith, joy and high self-esteem.

That’s why I focus so much on the affirmation process here on the blog: by consistently forcing yourself – literally bombarding your mind – to think thoughts of your own conscious volition, you gain control over both your mentality AND your emotions, as well as (logically) their consequent behavior. It’s called The Science of Autosuggestion.

So take the affirmations seriously, and find creative ways to make them part of your automatic, habitual mindstate. You already know the suggested technique.

Conclusion (Notes on Spirituality)

Lastly, don’t think of what we’re building on here as just “self-improvement.” Instead, think of it as “Ego Exercise” or even better, “Character Conditioning.”

As physical conditioning develops vitality and body-form; character conditioning develops personality and self-image…it’s the same principle applied to an alternate plane. With a strong, healthy and well conditioned self-image, you’ll carry out life-tasks with finesse – you’ll take on challenges and goals with a proactive, youthful spirit.

If you think about it though, terms like “self-improvement” and self-development” are really misnomers, because the True Self, the spiritual being you really are, comes from an Eternal Source, and in what ways can this Eternal Self ever be improved or developed???

Still however, your levels of persistence, personal integrity, vision, kindness, humility, emotional intelligence, humor, knowledge, patience and forgiveness (towards both yourself AND others) can ALL be improved and developed, and your self-talk, the internal dialogue that governs these things can be improved and developed as well.

Regardless of the circumstances contained in your present, and regardless of the history contained in the past, YOU control the destination contained in your future.

In your life, you’re the sole-controller, so free yourself from what happened and take charge of what IS happening. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so clean the slate mentally and start building something right and exact in the here and now.

After all, the “you” that you dislike isn’t even the real you anyway – it’s only a garment holding your essential spirit. Remember, just as the wardrobe in your closet can change, so too can the character which adorns your soul.” ~ fin

Hate Working Out? Paying a BIG Price for it?

So again, just for emphasis: being FLY begins with how you talk to and feel about YOURSELF, INTERNALLY…you can get all the greatest clothes, newest electronic devices and even accomplish the greatest things, but if you don’t work on this internal dynamic and heal that process, NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER.

Thanks for reading…


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