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How to Get Control Over WHAT YOU EAT: A Great Technique for Improving Your Diet, Health & Nutritional Discipline

14 July 2011 One Comment

3 friends eating pizza

In yesterday’s post about emotional strength, I mentioned watching your diet as a way to keep your feelings and overall mind-state “in check,” so today let’s make that even more practical.

Here’s a foodlog you can use to track everything you intake and, most importantly, how it effects you:

foodlog activity

…with columns for:

>> Time: when, and maybe even why, you ate,
>> Hunger: scale it from 0-5, zero being not hungry at all, five being Starving Marvin,
>> Nourishment: what you ate and how much,
>> Pre-Emotion: how you felt BEFORE the meal or snack,
>> Post-Emotion: how you felt AFTER, and a
>> Supportive Thought: statements to keep you in-tune and on-track.

Again, click here to download the pdf for all this, and click here to see my original first draft in full:

Bryan\'s Foodlog

Remember, “Processes that are measured improve, and processes that are measured and REPORTED improve exponentially.”

The Science Behind This

Stick with this for two weeks straight (I’m not kidding). It takes A LOT of discipline at first, but once you get the hang of it, the power and leverage you’ll gain over yourself will astound you.

If you fall off track, don’t try to “catch-up” and recall whatever you forgot to put down, just re-start where you are. This keeps it easy and makes it more likely you’ll keep up the habit.

If this sounds too robotic for you – like it’s limiting you’re freedom or something – you’re wrong.

The reality is, we humans are EXTREMELY predictable creatures: we go about the same routines (mentally, physically and emotionally) in routinized ways.

If you take a second to look at how we behave sexually, financially or socially, it’s just like an episode of Animal Planet. This is what psychologist and sociologists have been identifying for years. (Read books The Red Queen by Matt Ridley or watch documentaries like Sexual Intelligence or Stress: Portrait of a Killer for examples.)

business man with bag over headThe idea that we have free will and control over what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis is, for the most part, just that…AN IDEA. It’s something we tell ourselves to maintain a sense of pride and deceive ourselves into the belief that we’re in control, when we’re really not.

The thing that makes us unique though is that we’re self-aware (or at least we have the option to be, anyway). The sooner you can accept this fact – and see how it plays out in your diet, for instance – the sooner you can get leverage over yourself and REALLY become empowered and free by setting up a system that supports your natural routines.

Remember, you’re NOT in control…you can’t “willpower” (as in force) yourself into eating better, feeling better, thinking better or doing anything better for that matter.

You’re going to keep doing the same things REGARDLESS of whether or not you face the music, so your best bet is to get actual data on yourself and use that data to find out how to naturally bring out the best in you.

2 FULL WEEKS (download the foodlog here). Stay tuned for more soon…


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  • Sepia Prince said:

    This is RIGHT on time. I’ve been challenging myself to take my nutritional discipline up multiple levels after hearing a lecture a few weeks back. I’ll be using the food-log (very well-designed) and giving you an update. Also, the documentaries seem very interesting. Give thanks…
    ~ SP

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