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How to Get Yourself READING AGAIN (4 Simple Tips)

27 July 2011 No Comment

african american woman reading in bed

It’s hard isn’t it???

You spend all this energy to go down to the library, take the time to find a free pdf-ebook version of it online or even COUGH UP SOME OF YOUR HARD-EARNED “DOE STACKS” to get a hold of that book you’ve been fiending for, but, after all that effort, it just…sits there.

And YOU KNOW you should read it: nobody needs to convince you about the wisdom or value contained in-between those pages, but, for whatever reason, it just….sits there.

I know that feeling because I was in that position for a minute myself. Ask any of my old roommates about “Bryan’s Book Collection” and they’ll go, “Yo, that n__ is crazy!!! He got maaaaaad books…like, waaaay too many books. There’s no way one human being can read all of that within the span of a single life time. It’s just not possible.”

In other words, I had a serious problem (of getting books and never finishing them), but for whatever reason, I was just lucky enough to finally figure it out.

I actually donated about 3/4′s of that collection a couple month’s back and have since moved on to a new life of manageable, enjoyable, PRODUCTIVE literary tastes. Here’s some tips to help you do the same:

1.) Start Light, Not Heavy

african american woman overwhelmed by studyingPick the habit up again with:

>> short stories,
>> 20-page guides,
>> a novella,
>> articles

….or other “light-weight” pieces. Don’t come back into the gym and try to bench-press 250 just because that’s what you could do the last time you were serious.

The other day I mentioned books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach or The Art of Money Getting by P.T. Barnum. Start back with easy reads and short works like that just to regain momentum and resurrect that sense of accomplishment.

2.) Make It Relevant

The more you can feel like an author’s speaking directly to you – the more you can relate what he’s saying directly to your own situation – the more likely you are to stay with him.

Even if it’s not something about your particular problems or personal aims, make it something that validates you. Make it something that gives you the verbal ammunition to express something you’ve always felt, and you’ll be well on your way.

Whatever you do, DO NOT start reading again just for reading’s sake. Do us all a favor and do not come back into this as a way to APPEAR intellectual or sophisticated. That’s just not cool…

3.) Connect With Others

african american couple kissing by booksThere’s this girl I started talking to a couple weeks ago, and guess what: I met her on the bus as she was (duh-duh-duh) reading a romance novel.

I told her I’ve been looking to get into romantic literature (just to get a better understanding of how women think), so we started talking about authors like Zane, Danielle Steel, etc., and she let me borrow one of hers…

Now the book itself is actually whack, but I keep reading it simply because it’s part of our interaction (it basically gives us something to talk about).

It’s called Wild Wyoming Heart and I take that comment back: it’s not THAT bad once you get into it. The book’s really about sexual tension, how drama can amplify attraction, male archetypes, and so on, so it’s pretty interesting.

4.) Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Like I said before, I donated 75% of my collection to a local library, and that took a lot of weight off my shoulders.

Overview your entire book-museum (book-cemetery, maybe?) to see what you can get rid. Like anything else, learning to LET GO frees your energy up – here, it’ll liberate you from feeling like you have to read EVERYTHING, which we subconsciously associate with things like homework, compulsion and force.

Hope this helps. For a suggestion of great books that I’ve just finished, click here


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