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How to Handle Criticism & Overcome the Fear of Rejection

15 February 2011 No Comment

“To get your message out there, you have to open yourself up to criticism…probably half the people are going to love it and half are going to hate it, but you might make a difference.

I just want to give you permission and encourage you. Tell your whole story: put in everything you got – your head, your heart and your body – put it all out there and see what kind of results you get…a little bit of ‘push-back’ helps us grow.” ~ Eben Pagan

From the Reader Mailbag:

Someone just called me racist the other day. It was a 3-paragraph email entitled “Interesting Information.” Here it is in full (without editing). Knowledge this…

“i remember sending you a link online to my book and you wrote back and said; ‘when i read call a spade a spade, that was enough for me’… and i remember thinking at the time that you were retarded. but i now have what you meant… hate to let a little education get in the way of your ingrained racism but…. here is what i was writing about….

spade (1)
african american male using laptop“tool for digging,” O.E. spadu, from P.Gmc. *spadon (cf. O.Fris. spada, M.Du. spade, O.S. spado, M.L.G. spade, Ger. Spaten), from PIE *spe- “long, flat piece of wood” (cf. Gk. spathe “wooden blade, paddle,” O.E. spon “chip of wood, splinter,” O.N. spann “shingle, chip”). To call a spade a spade “use blunt language” (1542) translates a Gk. proverb (known to Lucian), ten skaphen skaphen legein “to call a bowl a bowl,” but Erasmus mistook Gk. skaphe “trough, bowl” for a derivative of the stem of skaptein “to dig,” and the mistake has stuck.

the only brown person i know like you is my nephew. i know how hard it was for him growing up with no other brown people around as we are all pink. his dad was a useless liar who got laid a few times and cut after he got my sister in law pregnant. it appears to be his dads trait. we did send him down to meet his grandparents, but he was miserable as everyone else called him whitey and he came home early. took me a while to get it through to him that black and white were a shade and a tint and neither was a colour. all humans are a red hue. sorry about not being sensitive to all the racism in your country. in my language a spade is a shovel with a pointed tip…. as it appeared to be to the greeks as well. took me a while to figure out what crawled up your butt. hope this clarifies that i really dont give a rats ass what colour you are. you must be religious. all that racist stuff comes from the bible… there is gods chosen and their slaves… (spades in your venacular) deuteronomy 20:10-20″ ~ fin

Now, Mind You…

I have no idea what this guy is talking about (any links to his book, etc.), but most of the books I recommend are by white people (see here) and I even did an entire 2-hour interview with a German best-seller promoting her book on Blog Talk Radio (see here).

I wasn’t even going to mention this until I came across that Eben Pagan quote (and built with my Dad about this as he goes through the same thing). Here’s more:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Basically, handle criticism and overcome your fear of rejection KNOWING it’s going to come ahead of time and ignoring it. As my Father says, “It’s only criticism if it doesn’t come with a suggestion…”

What do you think??? Leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts on it…


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