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How to Use Productivity to Gain Respect & Build Self-Esteem

31 August 2011 No Comment

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Here’s the continuation of yesterday’s post, The Hidden Benefits of Getting Focused & Secret Side-Profits of Self-Discipline, where I talk about the unintended, positive consequences of being a productive, action-oriented person. Enjoy…

2: Getting Focused Gains Respect

We become like those we associate with, and people want to around other people who are setting goals, achieving results and developing the future. When people see that you’re focused – that you’re disciplined, action-oriented individual serious about building something important – they’re literally HARDWIRED to respect, admire and trust you…

Think about the last time you met somebody who was organized (a rare quality these days) versus the last time you met somebody who was a complete mess. How did you intuitively feel about one versus the other?

Better yet, spend some time asking women what they find attractive most in a man (a good exercise in its own right) and one of the things you’ll constantly hear is a man with DRIVE and AMBITION.

People make character assessments about other people based on their behavior, and subconsciously attribute self-discipline to some type of evolved power. If you become more focused and action-oriented, they’ll assume you have a certain maturity level other people just don’t…if you DON’T become more focused and action-oriented (if you’re seen as lazy and ineffectual) people won’t listen to what you have to say and your talents and potential won’t be taken seriously either.

Self-Discipline Builds Self-Esteem

Ever clean your entire apartment from head to toe? How’d you feel each time you came home for that entire week? What about when you got your first place, landed your last job or made your first sale and had a little money in your pocket??? Like a million dollars, I bet…

Productivity is the path to accomplishment, and the more accomplishments you have the better you’ll feel about being you.

Human beings have an inborn need to feel like they’re doing something constructive with themselves: if there’s no “positive growth” going on that we can take personal responsibility for, we’ll feel misplaced and insignificant.

This is by no means to say that if you’re simply “productive,” you’ll be ultimately happy and your life will be magically complete, just that being able to look at something you’ve achieved and can say “that’s me” to brings a sense of fulfillment you can’t get in any other way.

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People who DON’T accomplish much, on the other hand, often feel a little bit depressed about life. Go too long without doing some new and constructive, you’ll start to question yourself and once you start to question yourself, that self-doubt poisons and undermines EVERYTHING you do, from your dating relationships and social interactions to your career goals and hope for the future.

So hopefully with these last few articles I’ve persuaded you to see how vital, urgent and beneficial self-discipline is to your own life in unseen ways. As a recap, the hidden benefits of getting focused include:

1.) That it’s a “hard skill”; that it’ll stay with you as a “core competency” for the rest of your life, no matter how you change as a person.

2.) That it gains respect, trust and admiration from the people around you (i.e: not having it raises questions about your maturity level and sophistication), and

3.) That it BUILDS confidence, thereby making you a more attractive, happier and more optimistic person in general.

Check back tomorrow for more free advice on getting focused, and click here for my favorite program on effective time-management.


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