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If You Want to Be a Success, STOP LOOKING FOR “SUPPORT.”

24 March 2011 No Comment

African american business man begging

…and by this, I don’t mean a “support network” (as in friends and family to keep you motivated, which is vital) but support in the sense of, “support me for the simple fact that I’m trying…

I hear far too many people (especially on facebook, and especially young people, for whatever reason) saying, in one way or another, “support me and what I’m doing,” and I use the term “far too many people” because this is a completely DEBILITATING mindset…

If you’re looking for success – for long-term durable accomplishment – stop looking for “support” and start focusing on contributing value instead. Think,

>> “How can I draw the hottest artwork?”

>> “How can I make the illest documentary?”

>> “How can I write the most on-point article?” or

>> “How can I put together the greatest fashion show possible???”

…and go from there, because it’s much more likely you’ll put the necessary work in from that state of mind…

Symbolic Teachers

atlas shrugged by ayn rand There’s this book I’m reading right now called Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand -the first fiction piece I’ve read IN YEARS actually – and what I’m getting at here (about support) is actually one the book’s major themes.

In Atlas Shrugged, the entrepreneurs and leaders of the world are overthrown by a socialist ethos: you basically witness the world transforming AWAY from one where people create valuable things and are rewarded for their contribution and going TOWARDS one where people are rewarded on the arbitrary basis of “need.”

People no longer gain jobs and leadership positions on the basis of ability, but on how well they can plea for charity. So you end up with completely useless men running national railroad companies, inventive geniuses being robbed of their creative ideas (patents are eventually made illegal), and politics mutating into a corrupt game of childish schemes.

Essentially, the people lose the values of production and gradually replace them with those of manipulation and deceit, resulting in a society that encourages men to act at their lowest nature: as self-pitying, overgrown CHILDREN afraid to think or act on their own accord…as “scoundrels” vigilant against anyone who threatening to expose them for the useless cowards that they truly are.

I’m not saying this to suggest that anyone “looking for support” is a coward, only to remind you that we live in a world of give and receive, just as we live in a world of cause and effect, and that tradition of consensual trade is what encourages us to perform at our optimal state…

So instead of looking to be supported, focus on creating something interesting and valuable enough to gain compensation on its own merit.

In fact, don’t even let the thought of support enter your mind. If you want people to support you, let it be on the strength of what you’re doing, not just because you asked them for it (or think you need it).

A Personal Example

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I’ve hit a “temporary plateau” with the blog recently…

african american at laptop confused

I just moved and started a new gig, so I’m

>> in a brand-new environment,
>> meeting brand new people,
>> establishing new relationships and
>> challenging my own concepts about life.

With everything that’s been going on, it’s more difficult to get into a creative swing and really be “on it” like I used to last year…so I’ve been reposting a lot of old content, and some days not even blogging at all.

I asked a friend about this, and he responded by saying I should try to get people more involved (which is good advice). But he also added something very interesting… he said:

“For the average person, since they haven’t been hearing from you as much, it’s like, ‘Am I even still going to buy Bryan’s book when it comes out anymore???’”

…I say “interesting” because it comes out of the support mindset: it implies that someone should buy my book because they see what I’m doing, they’ve watched me put all this work in and wants to “show their support.” It implies that people are buying it to do ME a favor.

african american smiling I have the opposite outlook though: in my mind, people buy my book to do THEMSELVES a favor. I plan to make the hottest, most engaging and therapeutic training program I’ve seen in a loooooong time, to the point where anyone looking to get focused, end their procrastination and stay in that motivated state they need to achieve their goals would have to be completely irrational NOT to invest in it.

Because I think like that, I’m not that pressed for attention. I know I got the goods, so I can be patient and focus on developing the best book I can, rather then make the same mistake I made in 2009.

It’s a lot like when a successful business isn’t too worried about losing a particular client. I mean, it happens…you’re going to lose people no matter what you do, so it’s much better you focus on creating a sustainable work practice that allows you to give the most value to the most people for the most time, rather than rush and try to get “support,” because you’ll burn out. (Keep in mind that if most aspring actors, writers, etc. got all of the success they wished for up front, they wouldn’t be able to handle it anyway…)

Right now, I’m anime charging…nothing of what I do is about me getting support or attention, because I’m not that important (the knowledge is). And I think you’ll be in a much better position if you took up that mindstate.

If you want support, JUST GET TO WORK and the support will come. Stop thinking anyone owes you anything simply for your effort and get focused on creating the hottest, most beneficial material you possibly can…

Remember This…

Remember, you have to be of a different breed just to come out alright in this world, and part of that is to not look for people to support you just cause they care about you (cause, in case you haven’t noticed, peopled DON’T care about you…deal with it), but to instead focus on providing solutions and results.

You only get an “E” for effort, so if it applies, stop thinking you should get compensated (in ANY form) just cause you’re doing something and realize that the only real rewards are based on the value you give to others FIRST.

African american teacher helping out student

If you think about it, what I’m really saying here is STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF and start focusing on other people instead. It’s a much more fulfilling way to live…


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