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Inspirational Quotes & Detailed Excerpts from ‘HOW TO CONQUER YOURSELF’

22 August 2013 No Comment

Kaori Takamura, Bilingual Stand-Up Comedian reading How to Conquer Yourself by Bryan Ogilvie

Here’s a few quotes (and detailed excerpts) from my new book,
How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker
…available on Amazon NOW

ON MOTIVATION: “Don’t let circumstances define your identity for you: don’t let financial troubles, a failed romance or any other setback puppeteer you into who you’re going to be. We all face pain in life, so it’s natural to be down at certain times, but ultimately, you have to make a conscious choice about the type of person you are, and maintain that stance regardless of what occurs or what other people do to you, otherwise your motivation will on be as reliable as the weather.”

ON DISCIPLINE: “You’re most disciplined when you aim to master a skill, not collect a reward…if if you have a reward in mind (like a financial goal or a weight-loss target) without dedication to the particular skill underlying it’s fulfillment (like professional accounting or Hatha Yoga), you’re someone who wants to go somewhere without traveling the path that destination requires, and you’re also nominating yourself for frustration because the results an effort obtains are rarely, if ever, directly proportional to the amount of effort one invest in order to obtain them.”

Going Further in Depth

Kaori Takamura, Bilingual Stand-Up Comedian reading How to Conquer Yourself by Bryan OgilvieMORE ON MOTIVATION: “Lastly…on a more emotional front, never allow another person (or circumstance) to dictate your temperament, or emotional state.

To a certain extent, when you let someone’s ignorance or disrespect get the best of you, you also let that person control you, and if you grow distraught over temporary failure or situations in which you have no control, that also means that you, at least for the time, have a victim mentality.

As a general rule, the more dramatic and emotional you react, the more likely you’ll regress backwards into childhood patterns of behavior and thought, whereas the more calm and composed you remain, the more deliberately you can tailor how you feel and behave to whatever a situation demands. So do your best to keep a calm, composed demeanor at all times, and effect a cool disposition.”

MORE ON DISCIPLINE: Even worse, the Western world is a society based on consumerism, and so the way of thought and behavior that discipline requires is often disrupted and complicated by this consumerist drive.

In fact, the western world is more than just a consumer society, it’s a consumer culture, meaning that if you live here, you’re surrounded by a value system (or a “social contract” if you will) of consumerism as both heritage and societal custom. It’s a way of life that encompasses literally every aspect of your existence which, in your attempt to build discipline, you need to understand.

When a country has a consumer culture, that doesn’t just mean the people who live there excessively shop and consume, it means that they communicate and find personal meaning through the act of consumption as well. Consumerism isn’t just about what people do with their spare time or their disposable income, but what the infrastructure of such a hyper-commercialized society does to the psyche of such people as they inhabit and acclimate to it.”

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Kaori Takamura, Bilingual Stand-Up Comedian reading How to Conquer Yourself by Bryan Ogilvie


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