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Intelligence is Dying, and Self-Confidence is Becoming EXTINCT (Why I Do What I Do…)

2 July 2010 No Comment


Here’s a brief poem I wrote the other morning that covers some of my convictions…I say a poem because it’s short and it gets straight to the point (which is what I aim to do with ALL of my writing, actually). Check it out:

Intelligence is dying, and SELF-CONFIDENCE IS BECOMING EXTINCT. We’re heading towards a world where people no longer believe in their own ideas, and, even supposing that they did, they lack the ability to assess situations and think in ways that generate real life solutions for themselves anyway.

That’s why I do what I do…my body of work is my form of activism.

black man writing

Know that without this two-fold ability (self-confidence and self-directed intelligence), you’re heading for a life of mediocrity, unfulfillment and meaninglessness.

With this two-fold ability, you’ll be able to build success for yourself, realize your potential and find definition in life…”

…and that’s it.

Also, as I society, I believe we’re headed for a state of mediocracy: whereas medio-crity refers to a mediocre individual, medio-cracy refers to an entire mediocre SOCIETY: a state that (under the guise of “equality”) dumbs down its population, promotes a prolonged state of infancy among its citizens, lacks the substance of meaningful ideas and CLAIMS to be a democracy when it is, in fact, under authoritarian control.

There’s this real smart Russian novelist, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, who’s talked a lot about this, and Jerry Mander, who wrote 4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television goes in-depth about this as well.

I’ve also developed a concept called “The Great Transference.” It’s not all together yet, but it basically refers to the mass social shift towards a hyper-technologized world – a completely abstract, virtual reality that we’re simply unprepared for.

As human beings, we’re not genetically wired to live in the type of environment that’s coming, and even worse, we’ve been socially conditioned in a way that predisposes us to become lost, useless and obsolete in the very near future.

So naturally, “The Great Transference” also includes some personal strategies, techniques and training to prepare us for this transition, such as the ability to love who you are (most people DON’T, by the way) and discipline your attention.


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