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22 May 2010 2 Comments


Check this out…it’s an image of what my website first looked like when I originally got started way back in 2007:

(You can check out the full page here.)

And here’s the first video I ever put up on youtube:

I’m not showing you this so you can see how far I’ve come, but so you can remind yourself that we all start somewhere.

On your path to be more successful at anything (whether that be starting a blog, beginning to play a musical instrument, improving your dating life or anything else), you want the people who are already successful in that field to be a source of inspiration, NOT a source of comparison.

It’s like my father used to always tell me, “No matter how good you are at something, there’ll always be somebody better….”

my father playing soccerHe didn’t say this to me so I would feel defeated, he said this to me so that I wouldn’t get caught up measuring my own progress against an impossible standard of people who were already ahead of me.

There’s no logic to not feeling motivated just because you’re not the best out there: there will always be somebody who paints better paintings, writes better songs, generates more revenue or has more karate trophies in his living room then you do. Accept this as the reality and give it your best anyway.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “What if I’m just starting out, and I’m THE WORST person I know???” And the answer is that this still applies because your goal should be to better yourself, not to be better then anybody else out there.

It’s not a competition, and even in things where it IS a competition, it’s still not a competition…let me explain:

When you ask NFL players why it is they won a game as opposed to the equally-capable team they played against, you get answers detailing their mental state.

They say things like, “Well, they we’re a great team too, we just wanted it more.

When you ask NBA stars about their performance on a particular night, say things like, you get answers referring to their drive or team-dynamics.

They say things like, “I knew I had to come through for the team, so I gave it my all,” or, “We just came together and decided that we were going to take it just one play at a time.

It’s the sports commentators, analysts and fans, the people OUTSIDE the game, who focus more on the statistics and technical strategies. The people out there making it happen know that the real game is inside themselves.

So with whatever it is you have going on, don’t allow yourself to get intimidated. Just learn from the people that are ahead of you, set realistic, feasible goals that are based on your particular situation and focus on being better then yourself.


ps: On Monday, I plan to post a new excerpt from my upcoming book that’ll go more in depth about this. Stay tuned…

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  • Ruel said:

    Great blog bro. no long comments



  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    No doubt fam ;) Good looking out on that. I’ll keep you posted as the science develops…

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