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Is Self-Discipline Confusing For You? Overwhelmed or Perplexed by Your (Current) Lack of Self-Control???

10 October 2013 No Comment

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps
of the not-quite, the not-yet and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in
lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world
you desire can be won
. It exists…it is real…it is possible…it’s yours.”

~ Ayn Rand

Is self-discipline confusing for you? When it comes to staying focused, raising productivity and overcoming procrastination, do you often find yourself frustrated with yourself? Do character traits like these seem transitory and ephemeral for you, like an alter-ego that randomly chooses to take control and pilot your operating system for only brief windows of time???

Here’s the thing: staying focused is HARD, because it’s intangible, but most people DON’T EVEN CARE, because they’re comfort-zone *oriented*. For most people (and you can confirm this through your own experience):

>> sitting on the coach for five (5)+ hours each and every day

>> blaming SOCIETY for their personal problems rather than looking for methods and opportunities evolve past them and

>> staying put in the same, no-name locality, same, pathetic situation and same, trivial daily routine

…for the remainder of their entire existence is “just how it is,” and there’s NO USE trying to change things because, as they’d put it, “nothing ever happens for me anyway.”

On The Other Hand…

On the other hand, for conscious creatives however – the type of people I write for – this is beyond unacceptable; it’s disgusting. When these people lose focus – when they happen “fall off” for even a short fraction of time – they don’t just have the practical problem of jeopardizing what they have planned, they also have the more EMOTIONAL problem of being disappointed with themselves. They feel they should know better than that, and get scared to death of ending up just like most of the people they look around and see.

Simply put, if you have a creative-skill and even a small modicum of self-respect, you’ve already let go of settling for less than the best you can be.

Especially if you can LOOK BACK in your life to times where you were more focused, more driven and more on-point, again, not being just as focused, disciplined and fully-engaged RIGHT NOW is emotionally frustrating….there’s simply too much that needs to be done and too much riding on the line to tolerate anything less than high-performance from yourself, so you expect it (and need it) consistently.

If this is the case though, you can easily mis-diagnose the problem, because whenever you’re emotional about an issue, you can easily lose the objectivity and logic required to proactively analyze and sort it out.

Specifically, if you’re overwhelmed and perplexed by your (current) lack of self-control, you’ll see it (and approach it) as a vague, general, massive and all-encompassing problem rather than as a series of specific, discrete and inter-connected, minor issues you need to individually dissect and identify in order to resolve them.

So once you make a conscious decision to get this area of your life handled; once you realize that:

>> you have too much riding on the line to wake up not wanting to wake up in the morning

>> that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ending up “just like Mary” or “just like Joe” is NOT an option for you and

>> that it’s time to get those brilliant ideas OUT of your hyper-abstract, imaginative mind and ONTO the “paper” of our shared, physical world

Then naturally it follows that you have to also make a conscious decision to CONQUER YOURSELF: to master your own motivation, creative potential and the productivity skills needed to make the most of them. That’s where I come in…

That’s where I come in. My book, How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker is both a strategic guide AND a procedural framework for the science, art and psychology of self-mastery and artistic success, covering:

>> how to overcome procrastination

>> how to attain discipline

>> how to build motivation

>> how to raise productivity

>> how to develop systems,

>> how to cultivate willpower

…and much, much more. If you’re ready to make that conscious decision – if you’re ready to bring your lack of self-control (and the confusion and frustration that comes with it) to an end – order my book, How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker either on Amazon or, for autographed copies, directly through Paypal now…

Discover more great insights, techniques, strategies and wisdom for self-mastery and artistic success in my new book, How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker, available on on Amazon here. (For autographed and personally-dedicated copies, delivered much faster, click here)


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