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8 Principles to EMPOWER YOURSELF (& Live in a Reality that Others Treat w/ Respect…)

13 July 2010 4 Comments


Look at what follows as a set of affirmations for you to employ in your own way

(You’ll get the most out of this by reflecting on how this personally resonates with you: think about how these beliefs would cause you to think, feel and act differently in regards to your own situation.)

———— Let’s Get Started ————

image of flowers in sunlight- 1 – Act as the sun, not the planet: Be the central foundation of your reality and radiate your light on to others. See yourself, your life, your personality and your natural gifts as a source of respectable power for the people around you..

- 2 – Live up to your own standards and principles AT ALL TIMES: Never modify your sense of right and wrong for the sake of another person’s comfort, or to avoid confrontation. See being around other people (and being tested by them) as an opportunity to express your individuality.

- 3 – Stop apologizing: Stop apologizing for doing what’s right for you and for being who you are. Stop thinking that there’s something wrong with affecting somebody else as an offset of doing your own thing.

black man apologizing“…someone who apologizes too much gives off the impression that they’re sorry to be alive…they’re constantly apologizing for being in your space or inconveniencing you in any way because they believe that they’re inherently an inconvenience themselves.” ~ from Bryan’s List of Pet-Peeves (5 Things That TICK ME OFF…)

- 4 – Speak up for yourself when you need to and look forward to the conflicts that may come as a result: Embrace conflict as a learning experience that’ll help you establish your personal boundary. Always tell people where they stand, use the assertiveness skills they talked about in school and learn to be selfish in a healthy way.

- 5 – Be at cause in the world, not effect. Be a person who makes things happen. Take responsibility for what’s happening to you, set goals for yourself and go after them. Learn what success is made of and spend your life making it.

- 6 – Stop REACTING to what others do or say as your primary way of dealing with the world and start setting the context up yourself…in the study of social dynamics this is called “controlling the frame.”

black woman thinkingRemember, at the deep level, reality is just a form of perception, so when it comes to social groups, the person with the most dominant form of perception sets up the context that everybody else reacts to (advertisers know this).

Specifically, stop treating other people’s actions as “the news” you need to adapt to and start making some waves for yourself. Express your convictions, call things as you see them and stop thinking that you’re “crazy” just because no one else is verbalizing the thoughts that you’re thinking…

- 7 – Know your purpose in life and STAY ON IT: “If you don’t know your purpose in life, discover it…NOW. Without a conscious purpose, a man is totally lost: (he) drifts and adapts to events rather then creates them…and lives a weakened, impotent existence.” ~ David Deida (go through a great, short exercise for this here)

drawing of lion in the jungle- 8 – Get in touch with your animal self and play the game of life ON OFFENSE.

Stop being timid and half-assed about what you want…instead, have the self-image of a predator and go in for the kill. (Within reason,) Get in touch with your animal instincts and direct that energy towards your goals.

Find something meaningful to you, forget what everyone else says and think like, “If some clown doesn’t like me or doesn’t want me to ____ (insert goal), he’s going to have to kill me, because that’s the only thing I can see working…”

Be AGGRESSIVE: always advance and take advantage of opportunities as the present themselves…FAST.


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  • Renee said:

    Always on point as usual!

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Thanks Queen…take care of yourself

  • Jason said:

    These Eight Pinciples for Self Empowerment are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    No doubt Jason…glad you liked it. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions…

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