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MEDIOCRITY IS THE NEW ‘BLACK PLAGUE’: It’s Literally Ingrained Into Our Culture & You Need to AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS

18 October 2011 One Comment

african american woman down on herself

You know how people say “40′s is the new 30″ or “30′s is the new 20″? Well, I say mediocrity is the new “I’m chilling”, and although I’m not big on using “black” in a negative context, it’s so damn close to that epidemic plague of the Middle Ages I feel I need to…

Mediocrity, aimlessness and indifference have become so embedded into our culture that it’s virtually an invisible norm, breeding its viral infection into every man, woman and child no matter how skillful or brilliant they inherently are.

We can go on for days about where this all stems from: maybe from living in an “empire of illusion” that conditions us to deny reality and focus more on entertainment and distractions than on actual results while programming us for consumerism instead of production, or maybe from a backwards education system that encourages passivity and submission rather than true intelligence, or just from being raised in a “kindergarten society” that devalues maturity and adulthood itself.

…or maybe it’s all this “ignit” rap music circulating around, but I’m not really dwelling on causes today, because I just want to tell you to AVOID THE PLAGUE AT ALL COSTS.

Just like there’s air pollution, water pollution and even noise pollution, this contagious epidemic of mediocrity is a form of THOUGHT pollution, so if you’re not vigilant against it, it’ll occupy your mind quicker than an unemployed college graduate on Wall Street.

How to Stop the Plague From Reaching YOU…

I honestly believe now that you need to make an oath to yourself to start saying things like: “I’ve let go of settling for less than the best I can be…,” “I am an action-oriented person,” “My best friends are people that are ambitious, loyal and wise…”, as much as you possibly can, every single day, because these relatively simple statements are the bedrock for an attitude and state of mind impervious to all the bullshit.

african american man thinking.

This might sound a little “out there,” but you need to sit down and make a conscious decision about the type of thoughts you need to be thinking, and then devise a plan to make them SUB-conscious thoughts you start AUTOMATICALLY thinking by default for the rest of your life.

What type of beliefs, ideas and values will draw you closer to where you want to go? How can you find ways to INSTALL these thoughts deep into your brain so you can think (and ACT ON) them without effort???

My answer? Think Right Now Intl.’s Accelerated Success Conditioning Software: the “Thought and Behavior Modification Programs” I’ve been using on a daily basis for the last FIVE YEARS to literally rip through my brain and rid it of all the disease-infected, bacteria-breeding limiting beliefs and disempowering attitudes I’ve picked up from the world around me.

Your subconscious mind is the key. Simply learn and install the key beliefs and attitudes of the world’s most effective, productive and happiest people, and you’ll think like they think, feel how they feel, and, most importantly, take the actions they take to live the life that THEY live…the best part being that it’ll all feel completely natural.

Again, mediocrity is the new black plague, and the only vaccination you have is in shielding your mind from all the foolishness and harnessing its sacred, subconscious power to finally activate your unlimited potential. Join me on this magnificent journey now.

Install the core mental patterns of the greatest goal achievers ever!


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  • Sepia Prince said:

    Here’s to creating a NEW and sustainable attitude for positive results! Great op-piece, Positive B!

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