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More Productivity Tips for Accomplishing More Each Day….

12 July 2011 One Comment

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Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here’s a few more tips for time-management, productivity, staying focused and relaxed success.

Tip 4: Stay Organized

…be a bit more “obsessive-compulsive” about your physical space: clean everything up and organize everything in a logical, structured way.

Having an orderly physical environment promotes having an orderly (and hence more effective) mental environment. It’ll help you find your stuff faster, think clearer about your work, lose things LESS often and feel much more in control.

For a post I did that goes way more in-depth about clutter, organization skills and more, click here.

Think again back to the movie Limitless. When Bradley Cooper first took that pill, what did he do? CLEAN UP and get his act together (dress, hygiene, etc.), because organization and personal care indicate self-direction and personal power.

In fact, you want to be somewhat territorial actually: you want to make any space you work at, chill at or whatever, YOURS (to the extent that other people can visually detect that). It’ll help you maintain this “I’m the master of my reality” mindset more conducive to accomplishment.

Leave Tasks Where They Belong

woman on plane with wineJust like you want your physical areas to be organized so your mind can be clear, you want your work-styles to be organized so your work can be efficient.

What I mean here is a couple things:

>> Take full breaks. When you’re resting, rest and when you’re working, work.

>> Only do certain work in certain places, so this way your subconscious automatically kicks into gear as you move around.

Always eat in a certain place, work in a certain place, sleep in a certain place, etc. etc. Control and systematize everything you do to the best of your ability…it sounds robotic, but it actually frees a lot of energy up to accomplish more things, because you no longer waste your willpower on menial tasks.

For instance, I always journal in my bedroom BEFORE I go to work (even though I could sneak it in if I wanted to), and I always read right before I eat.

Just don’t be so haphazard about where you do things. Structure your behavior just like you structure your environment, and it’ll help automate your mind to shift gears as you need to, instantly.

Be Specific

african american father and daughterAs a person, I’m realizing that as I get older, I tend to think (and speak) in more tangible and specific terms.

A few years ago I was waaaaay more philosophical (take a look at my early work online for examples). It was almost like I was afraid of reality, so I used my verbal skills to sound eloquent at saying nothing…that way nobody could hold me to any burden of proof, not even myself.

So don’t let this be you: when you communicate with other people, be specific and direct, and when you set goals for yourself, be detailed and concrete.

It’s hard at first, but the sooner you can do this, the sooner you can face the changes you need to make in life and get on track to actually start accomplishing things (which is a very addictive feeling).

Being measurable and exact is a good way to garner trust and build relationships too,. In fact, I now personally read someone that speaks too philosophically as a coward, and I’m not the only one who thinks like this, so be careful not to be too abstract…

Speak, plan and orient everything you do around FACTS, not metaphors, symbols, hints, gestures or wishes. The more physical you become, the more tangible, believable, and accomplish-able your words, plans and ideas will be…


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