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How to Enhance Your Creativity, Decrease Stress & Boost Your Energy Level for the LONG-TERM…

17 June 2010 No Comment

Remember that post from back in the day, Mental Fatigue, Stress & Attention Deficit: Their Societal Cause & Your Personal Cure, about how inattentiveness, a lack of productivity and mental strain are INGRAINED into our culture???

I’m didn’t say that to get all matrix-conspiracy on you, but it’s an important realization I want you to see: that we live in a hyper-technologized, media-saturated world, that’s…

New York City hand drawn imageI>> becoming almost devoid of organic, natural environments,
>> a complete 180-degree alteration from the type of world humans evolved in, and
>> inhibitory, poisonous and destructive to our ability to concentrate, think clearly and self-reflect in order to access that deeper states of inner-peace…

Taking it a little bit further, not only do we live in a technologized-environment, we GREW UP in it too. In other words, our entire development process was hijacked because of this immersion inside a “technocratic-bubble” of synthetic, man-made constructs.

Think I’m Taking This Too Far?

Then why don’t you check out Richard Louv, the renowned journalist and author of the nationally bestseller Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder. This guy actually created the term “nature-deficit disorder” to highlight how this technocracy undermines childhood development.

Essentially, this book highlights 2 main problems:

1) the closest kids get to spending time in Nature these days is watching Animal Planet, and

2) this disconnection from the organic environment has just happened (primarily) within the last 2 decades.

last child in the woods by richard louvAgain, children today grow up in a society completely contradictory from the one their parents did, and so naturally, we don’t yet understand the implications this techno-alteration is having on us psychologically, physically or emotionally; either personally or collectively.

Here’s an excerpt from Louv’s book:

“As a boy, I was unaware that my woods were ecologically connected with any other forests. Nobody in the 1950′s talked about acid rain or holes in the ozone layer or global warming, but I knew my woods and my fields… I knew every bend in the creek and dip in the beaten dirt paths…I wandered those woods even in my dreams.

A kid today can likely tell you about the Amazon rain forest – but not about the last time he or she explored the woods in solitude, or lay in a field listening to the wind and watching the clouds move…”

Children benefit greatly from unstructured play, particularly make-believe play, and kids are far more creative in natural play spaces than on the typical flat playground, whether it’s made of concrete or turf…

They are far more likely to invent their own games in natural places, and in schools that have outdoor classrooms kids tend to do better across the board from social studies to standardized testing.

When you’re sitting in front of a computer screen, or locked in a cubicle called a classroom, you’re not using all your senses at the same time, (but when you’re) outdoors, you’re…”

young african child holding plant in natureHe draws on intense research and personal experience to show that when children are given thoughtful exposure to nature, it remedies:

>> attention deficit,
>> hyperactivity,
>> stress,
>> depression,
>> anxiety, and of course
>> childhood obesity

But unfortunately, today’s generation has come to know nature ONLY AS AN ABSTRACTION, not as a reality; something they learn about in textbooks, but never experience themselves…

For more research, check out:
>> Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman,
>> 4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander
>> The Restorative Benefits of Nature by Stephen Kaplan, or anything about
>> Neo-Luddism (a philosophy against the progression of a technology).

Personal Remedies

So what’s the solution??? GET YOUR BEHIND OUTSIDE, and take anyone you care about with you. Preferably, do so in an organically natural environment…there’s a difference between being “outdoors” and being IN nature (you know what I’m talking about).

black woman and daughter in nature outdoorsOnce you make a habit out of this, the benefits become obvious, but here’s a short list:
>> enhanced creativity,
>> a better perspective on your personal problems,
>> decreased stress
>> more nourishing relationships (as others feel your energy)
>> a sense of inner-ease and contentment,
>> renewed energy to take towards work and much more.

My good friend and nutritional consultant Hondo Solomon even has a concept he calls “4 Elemental Nutrition.” Peep this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s about to get nice outside again soon too, so there’s no excuse. Experience the world as it was created, not restructured and manipulated to be…


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