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Not Getting Good Enough (or Even Just ‘Enough’) SLEEP??? Here’s 5 Possible Reasons Why…

5 October 2011 No Comment

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I have a couple friends with (so-called) “sleeping disorders,” and believe that adequate, rejuvenating sleep is VITAL to being focused in hundreds of little ways we fail to realize. Luckily, this short article from TRN’s “Tranquil Sleep Now” explains why, so take a quick look and thank a brother later (preferably in the comments section below):

The “5 C’s” Behind Most Sleep Problems

“If you’re like most people, you try to live life all at once and you bring it all with you into bed, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Experts explain how the five Cs — Change, Conflict, Criticisms, Concerns, and Crises — can burden our lives with unhealthy stress. Any of these factors can ruin your sleep faster than you can say ‘good night.’ Look at what you do when you turn the lights off:

>> You play the day’s events over and over in your mind.

>> You mull over mistakes and disagreements.

>> You think about a deadline racing up.

>> You worry about your kids’ grades.

>> You dwell on PROBLEMS. Money problems. Family problems. Work problems. Health problems. Marriage and relationship problems.

Factor that all together, and it’s no wonder sleep is elusive. As the sleeplessness goes on and on, the frustration keeps mounting up:

black woman setting alarm clock>> You get down on yourself for being a failure at “sleep”

>> You soon dread going to bed.

>> You feel powerless over your sleep problems.

>> You just assume you won’t be able to sleep.

>> You don’t know how to relax anymore.

>> You can’t get comfortable in bed.

>> You resign yourself to being an insomniac.

>> You don’t think you’ll EVER get a good night’s rest.

>> Your mattress is too hard and the pillows too soft.

>> You have terrible nightmares, so “what’s the point?”

But why, with so much on the line, do these issues take over your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep???

It’s just the way we’re wired… Most of the 50,000 thoughts that pop into your mind every day are AUTOMATIC. They’ve been with you for decades (perhaps even a lifetime) – they’re the by-product of conditioned negative thought patterns that have hijacked your natural sleep processes.

That’s why just saying “STOP!” to yourself won’t do the trick, and blaming yourself because you don’t have any “internal discipline” won’t either…”

The healthiest, most effective way to correct your sleep problems is to change the unsupportive mental patterns (beliefs, thoughts, attitudes) that lurk behind them.

Sleeping pills and herbal remedies don’t change the underlying causes of sleep problems one iota. Tranquil Sleep Now! does—safely, effectively, and permanently.

It’s as simple as that…” ~ fin

Where This is All From…

That particular excerpt stood out to me, but there’s a lot more too, so click here to finish reading. The main headline says:


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