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The Science of Being Great (Old School Book Review)

23 February 2010 One Comment


Here’s a resurrection of an old blog post called Knowledge Build: The Science of Being Great pt. 3 – it’s part of a book review series I did a few years back.

From time to time I’ll do “revivals” or “resurrections” like this, where I’ll go back over something I wrote years ago to revisit the topic and keep things up to date.

Back in the day, I used the term “Knowledge Build,” but it’s really the same thing as Recommended Scrolls: reviewing some of the most powerful literature I’ve come across and sharing the essence of it with you here. (Let me know if you have any suggestions…)

The book I’m reviewing now is called The Science of Being Great by Wallace Wattles, and you can download for free here. Let’s go ahead and check it out:

———Today’s Jewel———
“In all things you must make the flesh obey the spirt.”
~ Wallace Wattles


Peace Fam…

Although we normally double up for each post, we’ll cover a single chapter today. This will make it flow better with the actual book, and you’ll see why in part four.

For now, let’s start dissecting chapter 5…when you see what it builds on, you’ll be glad we did it by itself.

——— Chapter 5: Preparation ———

Chapter 5 is all about preparation: preparing the physical shell to tune into the Creator’s frequency. Here Wattles covers the fundamentals of greatness; he clears the way for the deeper content by handling the basics early on.

“If you become like God you can read his thoughts,” Wattles says, and by that he means overcoming the limitations of the common man. To receive divine insight, deep wisdom and higher levels of perception we must first transcend emotions like worry, anxiety and fear.

For worries on the financial tip, Wattles suggests his best known book The Science of Getting Rich. As the first of a trilogy (followed by The Science of Being Great and The Science of Being Well, which builds on health), The Science of Getting Rich is Wattles’s philosophy applied to man’s economic affairs:

The same source upon which you propose to draw for mental unfoldment & spiritual power is at your services for the supply of your material wants.”

Later in the chapter, he qualifies:

…It is legitimate and right to desire riches, if you want them for the sake of the soul, but not if you desire them for the lust of the flesh.”

——— On Health ———

From there, Wattles then discusses health. Illness and disease cause not only physical suffering, but emotional suffering as well – uneasiness, embarrassment, and other discomforts that all restrict the expression of greatness. Get your health in order, and know that, “(The) intelligence which stands ready to give you wealth and mental and spiritual power will rejoice to give you health as well. Perfect health is yours for the asking, if you will only obey the simple laws of life and live aright.

To this, I can personally attest: I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 3 years (editor’s note: 5 or 6 years now, lol…wow), and it’s been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I plan to blog about this somewhat further down the road (already have), but for now, know that my dietary shift – all inspired by a book called “Afrikan Holistic Health” – was a challenging life-altering experience that saved me from a critical bout with depression and left me with a joyous, spirited outlook on what it means to be alive.

———On Attaining Nobility———

Besides the two barricades mentioned above (poverty and dis-ease), Wattles further instructs us to “rise above moral evil-doing as well.” Here he discusses the necessity of building character, because greatness demands the attainment of nobility (nobility in character of course, not status over others).

This dimension of greatness – having principle and integrity – is obvious but yet still overlooked. Many of us are trying to do great things before trying to become great people. Wattles establishes this early in his book, cautioning against:

- greed,
- gluttonous, uncontrolled appetite,
- the desire to rule over others
- malice (wanting to see another person suffer),
- envy,
- and all forms of selfishness

For example, as I mentioned above, how I dealt with nourishing myself has been a major challenge for me. Even though I’ve been wise with how I feed myself for some time now, I’ve just recently began controlling the amount that I eat (something I’ve struggled with since childhood.) What Wallace builds on in this chapter connects strongly with me because I see a direct correlation between my diet and my level of spiritual awareness.

So reading The Science of Being Great strengthened my resolve to master this – in a few days, I’ll show you guys the foodlog I’ve begun using and some affirmations I created to conquer the lower self. (I actually planned to share this with you guys a little later, but since we’re on the subject, take a second to visit www.ThinkRightNow.com, a website specializing in the power of positive self talk.)

Ultimately, everything rests on our behavior; to become great we must learn to live up to our highest ideals:

Go over all the foregoing and set these moral temptations out of your heart one by one; determine to keep them out. Then resolve that you will not only abandon all evil thought but that you will forsake all deeds, habits, and courses of action which do not commend themselves to your noblest ideals. This is supremely important; make this resolution with all the power of your soul, and you are ready for the next step towards greatness.”

More coming soon…



>> Download The Science of Being Great as a free pdf file.
>> Download Wattle’s other work, The Science of Getting Rich.
>> Check out the audio book version of “Being Great” here (for just $1.34).
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