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Paypal Tried to Shut a Brother Down – Here’s the Latest…

19 February 2010 5 Comments


I’ll be taking the next couple of days off to spend time with family and reflect on things. Since Fridays are usually a black history post, the next one when I return will be called “A Legacy of Black Intelligence pt. 3: On The So-Called ‘African-American’,” where I’ll build on Moorish ancestry.

For now, check out this archive – it’s a collection of some of the doper blogposts over the last few months.

NOTE: I’ve been having some issues with paypal recently, so DO NOT ORDER THE BOOK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE — they restricted my entire account all of a sudden, and now they’re asking me for all types of documents and forms just to process orders.

So rather then deal with all of the headaches (my people doing the Haiti relief have been having similar problems – getting accounts permanently frozen for no reason at all, etc…there are even entire websites devoted to paypal history and the nonsense they put people through), I’m going to terminate my account with them and find another method.



Where Has Bryan Been? (The Major Lesson for 2009):
“…you see the same principle in a lot of Japanese Anime too, where the warriors (both the good and evil ones) gather up so much chi-energy that they almost end up destroying themselves.

So don’t be in a rush to achieve any of your goals, and don’t be anxious to attain power in any form. Learn to deal with things intelligently, and if you notice your progress going in a uncomfortable direction, just regroup, calm your behind down and form a better strategy to go at it again.”

The Empire of Illusion:
“…the worse reality becomes, the less a beleaguered (annoyed) population wants to hear about it, and the more it distracts itself with the squalid pseudo-events of celebrity break ups, gossip and trivia. These are the debauched revels of a dying culture….a culture that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion dies.”

How to Transform Failure into Success :
“So guess what happened to me last weekend: my website crashed. Basically, I was trying to show off and get super-technological as I was adding some videos to it (thinking I was ill), and accidentally deleted over 1/2 of the major files. So, at first, I was…”

Powerful Questions You can Ask Yourself to Ensure Progress & Success in Life:
“What would you love to make happen with your life while you still have it? If you were to accomplish this thing, what’s the first change you need to make, starting now? What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned in life so far? What do you keep saying to yourself that actually blocks your progress? What is life asking you to do differently?”

A Legacy of Black Intelligence pt. 2: More on Holistic Health:
“…that’s just because I’m upset at the paradigm that we’ve been talking about. I feel that disease is institutionalized in our culture as a profit-mechanism, and it really hurts me to see so many great, positive, talented and intelligent people inhibited because they’ve been conditioned to think a certain way about their physical shell.”

More Comments on the Latest Video (Why Knowledge is Power):
“…probably one of my favorites so far, because what Rasun (the brother in the blue shirt) built on really touched me. The community I came up in has a lot of gang activity, and for a long time now (ever since I started getting knowledge and being authentic), I’d always reflect on some of the kids I grew up around and how brilliant they were: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of who they could’ve become if they just had the right influences to motivate them.”

Some Thoughts on Depression:
“One of the blogs I found said,

Last week another child gone due to suicide. When will we stop being
so busy with our lives, so busy working to obtain things, so busy driving
our children away before another one will die. Parents that have lost
a child to suicide will tell you that none of those things mean anything now
that their child is gone
, and while I haven’t lost a child
to suicide I have lost a husband to suicide.

Watching my son grow up without his father and knowing that the day would
come when I would have to tell him what happened has been a journey I wouldn’t
wish on anyone. In no way can I fathom what a parent feels when they get that
dreaded news, but I hope that many of us will say enough is enough
and start doing something to help our children


RELAX – Sometimes You Speed Up By Slowing Down:
“What don’t you have the time to do that, at the same time, you know it IS time to do? A walk in the park? Dinner with a friend? Play laser tag with your kids? Walk away from the canvas until you can’t help taking up the brush again?

Relax. You have to put the stick in the clutch to shift gears. You have to re-engage yourself at another higher-leveraged ratio. When you least feel like slowing down may be the most critical time you need to…”

Healthy Selfishness: Getting the Treatment You Deserve WITHOUT Feeling Guilty About It:
“It’s interesting: while on one end our culture encourages us to be self-indulgent (consumers who constantly want things), it also encourages us to be self-denying (donators who constantly give everything they have)…

We ignore our own needs in order to help someone else meet theirs, we carry the burden of someone else’s ignorance because we “love” them, and we harbor guilt towards ourselves for even thinking of occasionally putting ourselves first and someone else second.”

4 Steps to Raise your Productivity & Consistently Get More Out of Yourself:
“…one of the major keys to raising your productivity is to stop allowing yourself to be distracted. If you have something to do, stop letting random, trivial interruptions prevent you from doing it, because that will only that take you off track…

It’ll disturb your train of thought, and it’ll also take you longer to establish the flow you were in before you were disturbed. Even further, not only will you not get things done in a reasonable period of time, but (if you take a second to look at the big picture) you’ll actually be sustaining a habit that leaves you incapable of accomplishing the important tasks you need to create the life that you want.”

You’re Unique, So the First Thing You Have to Do Is…
“…accept that you won’t be accepted .

…this is from a discussion I recorded with a friend on our way back home from New Jersey. We were building for about half an hour, talking about a lot of things, and here’s part of it – feel free to add on any thoughts or quotes at the end.”

A Little Bit More About Me & How I Got to Where I Am:
“…but the real point I want to make here is that I’m not a “Guru”: I definitely still have my own issues with personal effectiveness and self-discipline, so I have no problem with you taking anything I say with a grain a salt. I actually think that you should, because you should take everything with a grain of salt. All I ask is that, at the same time, you still keep an open mind and actually TRY the techniques I’m going to be sharing with you…”


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