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Technology is Making Most of Us OBSOLETE…Here’s How to AVOID the Failure, Rejection & Insignificance Bound to Become the Norm

24 November 2010 2 Comments


young black woman thinking about thingsNOTE: this is one of my deeper post, so I’m about to get “sociological” on you, but stay with me: this is about the future, both your’s personally and our’s together as a society…

FIRST, listen to this…it’s part of a free audio book I give away to people who sign up to get 2 (also free) chapters of my upcoming book:

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*download this mp3 by clicking here

———— Excerpt from the Reader Mailbag ————

“Simply put, we’re not prepared for the future; we’re not ready for the great transition into an information economy (the so-called “digital age”).

young black man using laptopPart of what I’m doing stems from the fact that, as a society, we’re MASS-MIGRATING into a new type of reality: a purely abstract, virtual world that’ll change EVERYTHING about how society operates…

I not trying to get all Sci-Fi on you, but we simply don’t have the skill-sets (or MIND-sets) needed to position ourselves favorably in the coming world and to avoid becoming obsolete.

I’m not talking about just knowing how to “surf the net,” I mean an entire WORLDVIEW…an understanding of the new phase of society we’re transferring into (the social dynamics of it).

There’s this Chinese proverb that goes “At the other side of a crisis lies opportunity…” and that’s how I feel.

chinese fortune cookie collection

This is probably the main thing right here: reframing what most of us see as a terrifying, hyper-technology crisis into an opportunity for community empowerment (economically, politically and culturally) on a whole new level.

There’s a concept I’m developing called “The Great Transition” you can find out more about by clicking here.

————Two Pieces of the Puzzle ————

As I see it, the solution is a two-fold process:

One of the major books this year...you are not a gadget by jaron lanier1.) Setting up structures to NULLIFY the negative effects that this virtual reality will bring (look up stuff like Neo-Luddism, books like “You Are Not A Gadget” by John Lanier, “Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges, etc.), and

2.) Setting up structures to adapt to and ACCENTUATE the positive effects (look up terms like “information society” or “knowledge economy”…you’ll also find some of the more philosophical internet marketers – people like Seth Godin and Eben Pagan – talking about this.)


ps: Your friends look up to you for your ambition. You need to live up to them so they don’t think you’re a fraud. Here’s how…


  • Sepia Prince said:

    Although we use gadgets, and have a dependency on gadgets, we are NOT gadgets. I need to get that book. The transition is already in full effect, but with the proper exercises that you share with the people, B, I have no doubt that we will be fine…if we just do the knowledge. Give thanks…

  • Anonymous (author) said:

    Peep this: http://www.dotheknowledge.com/transcend/intelligence

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