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Self-Education (pt.1): The Power, Genius & Necessity of Directing Your Own Intelligence

9 June 2010 No Comment


Today we’re going to build on the power of EDUCATING YOURSELF, so here’s an excerpt from something I wrote over a year ago but never released on exactly that:

fundamentals for mind elevation“The first mechanic (or mind-elevating skill) that’ll empower you is self-education…you can take your life to the next level, advance yourself far beyond most of the people in your same position and more easily cultivate your potential by taking your education into your own hands.

Start considering the learning you do for yourself your primary education and everything else additional knowledge or simply a necessity you have to go through because of how our society is structured.

Making a deep mental transition like this is awkward for most people because we’re conditioned to see education as a formal process (controlled mostly by government institutions or private businesses), NOT an organic one (that’s more like a natural principle), but when you understand the origin of the word education itself, everything changes…

black children taking exams in school

Thanks to my older brother, I read the book Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice back in the day – the African-American rendition of the personal growth classic written specifically for young brothers and sisters – and my man Dennis Kimbro (the author) broke it down: the word “education” originally comes from the latin word “educere” which means to draw forth or TO BRING OUT FROM WITHIN.

So real education therefore – the process as it’s etymologically defined – is not meant to treat your mind like an empty bucket. It’s not meant to force you to memorize facts and simply repeat them back on command (for a so-called a “test”) later the following week as if you have no intelligence of your own.

Think and grow rich a black choice by dennis kimbroOn the contrary, education is a process meant to teach you how to bring up and draw forth the potential that lies dormant inside of you. True education is the development, refinement and progressive realization of internal knowledge, natural power, and the innate capacities of a fully advanced self-aware Self.

Keep that in mind as we continue to build here on Today’s Transcendence (that education is self-cultivation) and ask yourself the following questions:

>> “Who’s responsibility is it to cultivate my potential?,” and
>> “Who’s responsibility it is to educate me and make sure I know what I need to know in order to thrive and succeed and today’s world???”

Now check out this video by Jim Rohn. It’s funny, but real:

More coming soon…


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