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Should You Really Be THAT Persistent??? Isn’t There a Limit To ‘Never Giving Up’???

30 November 2011 No Comment

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Here’s an excerpt from an old Q&A session of mine (through email), discussing dedication, persistence and knowing how and when to use it, and it’s one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked actually…If you’re not already on the weekly email newsletter (to get free updates, tips and techniques, and more), use the yellow sign-up form on the right to join.

Should You Really Be THAT Persistent???

“…perhaps you could elaborate on that statement about never giving up. While there’s a lot to be said about tenacity of spirit and never giving up on your dreams, there’s a fine line there too…

Remember that saying ‘Don’t flog a dead horse?’ I think sometimes it’s necessary to ‘give up’ on something or someone as a continual investment of your valuable resources or you’ll end up draining yourself dry.

Take for example….a wall street investor continuing to pour good money into a losing stock until they’re wiped out, or the gambling addict who just HAS to put that next dollar into the slot machine. Or trying to influence a heroin addict to quit and going about all manner of effort to that end only to have the person continue using, or being deeply and passionately in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way (‘unrequited love.’)

At some point you can’t continue trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

Anyway….food for thought. Perhaps you’d like to expound upon this subject and provide some of your personal insight/experience/wisdom. I’d love to hear what you have to say on this subject.

Thanks Bryan.”

My Response

“Identify with your purpose, but be flexible in your approach…

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Identify with the REASON you have a particular goal (usually for an emotional state or personal conviction) and focus on that when a particular plan isn’t working.

Napolean Hill (in his book Think & Grow Rich) has a concept called ‘Creative Persistence,’ and Robert Greene (in The 48 Laws of Power) ‘Assuming Formlessness,’ both of which apply.

Where the goal is to start a company, THE PURPOSE may be financial wellbeing, and so one should not be attached to an inefficient business model.

Where the goal is to have a relationship, THE PURPOSE may be to give and receive love, and so one should not be attached to an incompatible person.

I quit drumming when I was having some trouble with my music career because I zoomed out, looked at the forest and realized that my purpose was to express my individuality, not ‘to be a drummer’ per se.

Now, with the website, I’m creating more audio-visual content instead of writing all the time because I realized my purpose is to promote intelligence, self-growth and maturity, not ‘to be a writer’ per se (and multimedia is a more effective means toward that end, given this day and age).

Identify with your purpose, but be flexible in your approach. I’ll release another self-discipline video soon that’ll go further in-depth.


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