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Speak to Yourself w/ a Syntax of STRENGTH

6 August 2013 No Comment

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“The goal is to become a better person…from that I gathered that each day
you become more in touch to your identity that’s how you conquer yourself.”

~ Shameeka Dash (reader)

The language you use to construct simple sentences – the syntax or linguistics you develop in random, trivial conversation and thought – is a lot like body language itself, because it has a certain demeanor to it that governs both how people react to you AND how you think and feel about yourself.

Last evening I watched Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” and it got me thinking: if you want to stay focused, build motivation, cultivate willpower and Conquer Yourself, you need to first DELINEATE between the type of language drawing you closer to a state of internal power and the type drawing you further away; the type which predicates feelings of weakness, submission and uncertainty.

For instance, in my journal earlier this morning I caught myself saying, “Sometimes it feels as if there’s literally ‘no end’ to the amount of tasks, obligations and challenges before me,” as I was feeling overwhelmed with the site, book, etc. etc., BUT, I immediately (key word) hit backspace key numerous times and altered that to:

man using laptop at resort “There’s literally INFINITE horizons before me, and although the step to catch them is only slightly beyond my reach at the moment, in terms of free time and physical energy, I can’t allow myself to speak with a sense of disempowerment or dissatisfaction.”

Get what happened here??? I caught myself midstream…not even looking into it as something to explore, analyze or therapeutically work with, and simply SUBSTITUTED it with a syntax more appropriate to the identity I’m becoming and transitioning into.

More Resources

For more on this, see the last section in Chapter 2 of my book, How to Conquer Yourself, where I say always replace the language of “I have to,” “I should” or “I must” with “I want to,” “I choose” and “I decide”, as this expels the mental judge of internalized parenting.

I also might add this “Speak With a Syntax of Strength” concept to the section “Be the Sun, Not the Planet” in Chapter 4 (when I do a second edition), but for now, if you want more, take a look at the Think Right Now Intl. Accelerated Success Mental Conditioning Programs I’ve been using for the last 7 years…

And don’t forget Amy Cuddy’s TED-lecture. Her main idea was “Fake it until you BECOME it,” and I’m simply saying to do this linguistically as well as with your body itself.

But remember, speak to yourself with a syntax of strength: when you catch yourself thinking or speaking in ways indicative of the former, weaker variation of your past identity, hit the pause button, tag that character out like a game of Marvel vs. Capcom and substitute him with the language of a better fighter…a more conscious warrior with more vitality, more super-human strength and more certainty in both his desires and his capacity to meet them.

Megaman image from marvel versus capcom 3 by udoncrew


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