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Special Warning Notes on Success for the African-American Community…

19 July 2011 One Comment

African American business couple

“I believe that people have to respect their own lives like they do their cars. You control your car. You give it energy to move (fuel), you start it, drive it, maneuver it and stop it when and where you want…and I know many people who need to do the same with their lives.

They need to get some energy and drive themselves where they want to go or (at least) to where they now THINK they want to go and maneuver through life as they would down a busy street.

What does it take for a person to do this? In my opinion, it takes faith, values and goals. By faith I do not mean religious beliefs, although they are important. By faith I mean true belief in YOURSELF.

I mean the belief that if given the right information, the right perspective, and a reasonable understanding of what to expect and how to deal with occurrences when they happen, there is a chance you might get to where you want to go.

Special Notes as a Black Person

african american woman thinkingAs a Black person, there are many historical reason for your having little faith, very legitimate reasons. But opportunity is knocking hard today and you can make your own opportunity where none may seem to exist.

Today’s Black folks have more possibilities for their lives than any generation of Blacks in the history of our existence in America. Many Black people gave all they had so that you could be where you are now…

If you blow it, you will waste not only your own life, but also the efforts of MILLIONS who came before you and you will certainly be making it more difficult for those who come after you.

I don’t spend an awful lot of time trying to raise people from the dead because I realized an important principle a few years ago…look at either history or current events you will note that “winning people” choose themselves for success, but much of life (Black life in particular), is based on WAITING to be selected.

Think about it:

>> In school we stand in lines, raise our hands and wait our turns to be selected for something we value.

>> We apply to colleges and graduate schools to get our educations and be “qualified” and THEN

>> We send out resumes and ask for jobs and promotions, waiting for someone ELSE to select us and decide for us whether or not we’re going to fulfill OUR dreams. That’s the fate of the common person.

How To Lead YOURSELF To Success

african american businessmanLeaders start off by leading themselves first. They respect what others say and think of them (sometimes) but it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with where they are going with their lives.

After faith, people need values (i.e: subconscious beliefs) and goals that are not in conflict. Most motivational books talk about goals but few mention values.

If you are an adult around thirty or so, you probably have values that are much older than your latest goals, so if you seem to be getting no closer to your goals now than you were when you first set them, your problem could be that you’ve set goals that are in conflict with your true beliefs.

Your true beliefs are so deep that they’re a part of your fundamental value system, a system that’s anchored and rooted in your brain, your habits, your speech, your environment and your very essence.

So if given the choice between your twenty day old goal and your twenty-two year old values, which do you think your conscious and unconscious mind will lean towards??? You got it!

Black folks as a people have values that work against them taking charge of their own lives. They are rooted in our historical relationship with power and how respond to it (rather than seize it).

african american woman thinking

They’re rooted in our religious beliefs. They are rooted in our leadership and our role models…Hell, just by deciding to go into business for yourself you’ve already broken with most of Black tradition.

I’m not going to tell you what to believe or exactly how you should shape your values, but I do ask you to really check yourself and ask yourself what do you really believe and what proof do you have to believe it. (Proof to yourself, not anyone else).

If in doing some internal examination you’re rethinking some of your values, beliefs and habits, then you’re doing the preparatory work on which to build successful goals.”

…that passage was written by George Subira way back in the 80′s. I’m always amazed at how the timeless wisdom can be (particularly about the subconscious mind). Check out the book this is from here, and if you’re ready to gain the beliefs, habits and mindset of the most successful people on the planet, click here.


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    Awesome post, thanks for this.

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