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You & Your Story: The Secrets Hidden in the Shadow of Your Childhood Self…

21 May 2010 No Comment


First, here’s the introduction to The Secret of the Shadow: The Power of Owning Your Whole Story by Debbie Ford, something I first blogged about almost a full year ago. Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on it…

The Secret of the Shadow the power of owning your whole story by debbie ford

———— Ch. 1: You & Your Story ————

Imagine that you knew from birth that you were a master, that you were powerful beyond measure, that you possessed enormous gifts, and that all it would take to deliver these gifts to the world was the intensity of your desire.

Imagine that you came into this world with a heart filled with the healing power of love, and that your only real desire was to bestow that love onto everyone around you. Imagine that you had the innate ability to create and have all that you want and all that you need.

boy reading book while sitting on basketballIs it possible that at some point in your life you knew that there was no one else in the world like you, and that in every fiber of your being you knew that you not only possessed the light of the world, but that you were the light of the world?

Is it possible that at one time you knew who you were at the deepest level, and you rejoiced in your gifts? Take a moment now and see if you can remember that time when you knew this truth about who you really are.

Then something happened…your world changed. Something or someone casted a shadow on your light, and from that point on you feared that you and your precious gifts were no longer safe in the world. You felt that if you didn’t hide your sacred power, it might be abused, injured or taken away from you.

Deep inside you knew that this gift was like a precious, innocent child that was yours to protect, so you did what any good parent would do: you hid all of your magnificence deep inside so that no one would ever discover it…so that no one could hurt it or take it away from you.

young black girl holding toys to herselfThen, with the creativity of a child, you covered it up. You created an act – a persona, a drama and a story – so that nobody would ever suspect that you were the keeper of so much light.

You were very smart (brilliant actually) at hiding your secret. Not only did you convince others that you were not that, you also convinced yourself….all because you we being a good parent to the gift that you held.

It was your secret – your deep dark secret which only you knew.

You were even creative enough to manifest the exact opposite of who you truly are, so that you could protect yourself from those who might be upset or angered by your innate gifts.

But after days, months and years of hiding your precious treasure, you began to believe your story. You became the persona you created to protect your secret.

At that moment, you forgot that you had ever buried your treasured gift in the first place: you not only forgot where you had hidden it, you also forgot you had hidden it at all. Your light, love, greatness and beauty got lost inside your story.

treasure map

You forgot that you had a secret…” ~ Debbie Ford

———— Concluding Thoughts ————

Second, do you remember that video from the other day? It was the one with the four year old girl taking us to school on how to start a day with positive affirmations…

Powerful, right?

I’m only re-posting this book excerpt and video to remind you of what you already know: that there’s a wise, gifted, confident and capable inner-child deep inside of you that you’ve been neglecting, and that you need to start embracing, expressing and catering to this inner-child if you ever want to feel fulfillment in life.

Think back for a second to when you were younger and you used to wish so hard that you were all grown-up…and guess what??? NOW YOU ARE…

black couple outdoorsYeah, we all have the pressures and obstacles of adult life coming at us on a daily basis, but there’s no reason to let that cripple our internal spark (I talk about this early on in my book too).

I personally know elders who are up to their necks in debt and have no idea what they’re going to do about it that still manage to be fun, enjoyable people, and I personally know women who’ve been through traumatic sexual abuse, homelessness and anything else you can think of that still manage to make me smile and laugh every time we interact as well. There’s really no excuse…

Think about your own social circle: isn’t almost every positive, joyful and interesting person you know (the type of person that makes you feel better when you’re around them) child-like in some sense of the word?

And think about everything we’ve talked about this past week – the dating advice from yesterday, the healthiness on being confident and being yourself from Tuesday and Monday, and the book excerpt on compulsive eating before that – isn’t it all related to being child-like or handling childhood issues in some form or fashion?

The way I see it, your ideal self is really just your default internal-state: the state you maintained when you were a child to begin with (no different than a genetic predisposition or a natural instinct). As such, reaching that ideal again now as an adult is mostly a process of UN-educating yourself…of un-learning the limiting beliefs and re-framing the “negative” experiences you’ve had along the way.

After all, if you haven’t heard already, the word educate itself originally comes from the latin word educere, meaning “to bring forth”, or “to draw out from within.” This being so, a true education is something that teaches you how to unfold and cultivate your inherent potential, not something that simply treats your mind like an empty bucket meant to be filled with relatively useless facts.

Father holding son


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